October 2, 2013

Pumpkin Addiction is a Very Real Thing...

Pumpkin Faves

I was going to follow up this blog post by saying "and I need the cure" but what I really need is just more pumpkin. Anything. More pumpkin anything and everything. In the spirit of Fall, I have put together a list of awesome pumpkin packed beauty products for the freaks (present company included) who not only need to shove as much pumpkin food items down their gullets, but need to slather it all over their faces, bodies, etc. WARNING: do NOT eat any of the listed products you see here. Go out and buy yourself a pie or a Pumpkin Spice Latte or something...

Here's where you can get those KILLER leopard and orange slippers (I'm dying for them), the insane orange chandelier that could cost you a few car payments and one of the cutest coffee tables I've ever seen! I believe the orange throw is from One King's Lane.

1) A totally yummy, creamy facial cleanser that removes impurities, environmental toxins and and protects skin's moisture balance. Oh...and it smells like pumpkin pie! Need I say more?!
2 & 3) Okay, so this technically doesn't taste or smell like pumpkin, but the lipstick color is called "Pumpkin Pie" for goodness sake! And the liner is called "Pumpkin"...just get it on your lips and thank me later when you can still fit into your skinny jeans for the holidays.
4) The thought of pouring pumpkin scented shampoo all over my head and just letting the pumpkin sudsy-ness (totally a word) wash all over me, is almost too much to bear.
5) While you're slathering your face, hair and body with all this pumpkin deliciousness, light this candle from Anthro so your bathroom will smell like the inside of Cinderella's carriage.
6) I LOVE this line. Like...really love it. Arcona makes some seriously amazing, active skincare and this pumpkin body lotion has 10% glycolic acid (one of my TOP fave skincare ingredients) to improve tone and elasticity in the skin. Plus, it smells so freaking good. Like someone shoved a slice of pumpkin pie into a bottle and called it a day.
7) Demeter has a knack for nailing quirky scents. Tomato? Dirt? CINNAMON TOAST?! Seriously, get thee to their website and check out their scents. Luckily for us, they have this pumpkin pie cologne for those of us that want to smell like we've been slaving away in the kitchen all day making the perfect pie.
8) Philosophy is another line that has perfected some tasty smelling scents. Their homemade pumpkin pie shampoo, shower gel, bubble bath hybrid smells yummy enough to pour in your morning coffee...BUT DON'T.

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