October 20, 2013

S-A-TUR-DAY NIGHT is Alright for a Spa Sesh!

So yesterday, I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror in passing. It wasn't good. I don't scare easily, but holy shit. This was frightening. No makeup (yikes), hair lookin' like a teenage boy who couldn't quite master the Bieber swoop (darn), fingernails with chipped red polish and every other nail broken off (grody), and my skin just looked parched, dingy and reminiscent of a morning after a sad, wine-binge (the WORST).

Something needed to be done. And fast. I decided once the man-boy went down for bed, it was time for a good old fashioned DIY spa night! The kind you used to do with your girlfriends in junior high at slumber parties while you listened to Black Street and/or Aliyah and talked about how you were going to be a really successful fashion designer when you grew up (was that just me? Don't answer that.)

If you've never done an at-home pampering sesh, 1) I feel sorry for you and 2) here are the pinch points of how to get down with your bad self.

1) Get your ducks in a row. For me, I gathered my current skincare "holy grail" products and a "new kid" face mask sample I received from my latest Ulta shopping spree.

1: ROC Daily Resurfacing Disks I have been using these bad boys for the better part of a week now and WOW. They are legit. They are pre-moistened, one side is soft and the other is slightly textured for exfoliating. Use the soft side for around the eye area. They make my skin smooth as a baby's booty, clear and oh-so bright! Rinse with warm (not hot) water and pat dry.
2: DDF Wrinkle Resist Plus Pore Minimizer Moisturizing Serum I got a deluxe sample of this serum in my latest Birchbox. If you don't know about Birchbox yet, I highly recommend it. It's $10 a month and you get some insanely awesome samples (sometimes full-sized) beauty products. It's like Christmas every month in my mailbox. Anyhoo, this serum ROCKS. It's full-sized self is $85 and I can say whole-heartedly that it is worth it. I used to sell $300 face serums when I worked for Nordstrom and this one works better (in my opinion) than some of the ritzy-snitzy products. DDF is one of my ALL time favorite skincare lines so it's not like you're slumming it with this one. It's still a high-quality, results driven line that will blow you away. If you're interested in Birchbox and want to give it a try (you can quit whenever you want) here's my referral code to get started!
3: Warm oil (see #4 down below for specifics)
4: Miracle Skin Transformer Miracle Mud Mask how often do you get a little sample packet of something, use it, toss the empty envelope out and move on with your life with no intention of buying what you just used? If you're anything like me, it happens OFTEN. Not in this case. I love, love, LOVED this mud mask. It had a nice creamy consistency, didn't necessarily give me any "tingling" while on, but the "miracle" happened when I rinsed it off after 15 minutes. I was a bit nervous from the slightly oily feel to my skin after rinsing, but I patted my mug dry and my skin has NEVER looked so even, smooth and clear. My redness was nearly gone around my nose and chin and I swear my pores were smaller. Story in a nutshell: this bad ass mud mask has been purchased and I am anxiously awaiting its arrival.
5: Ladies, if you don't own a Clarisonic facial cleansing brush...WHY NOT?! It is the best small investment you will make for your skin. Period. This is not up for debate. Mine is a limited edition blue leopard print Mia2. You can find them all over the place and different retailers offer different "packages" but typically Nordstrom and Sephora are the best places to purchase from in this case. Get one.

Ok moving on...

2) Push "play" on a funky Pandora channel (personally, I was bouncing back and forth from my 'early 90s R&B channel' and my 'Hall and Oates channel'...I'm not even close to kidding, it was amazing and I highly recommend starting your own. Thank me later.)

3) Lock the door because ain't NO one got time for an errant husband/kid/boyfriend/dog/cat/burglar walking in on you while you're looking like THIS...

4) For my warm oil treatment, I warmed a little bowl of equal parts olive oil and coconut oil (about 1 TBS each) to massage into my scalp. Make sure you don't nuke it any longer than 20-25 seconds...remember, you're going for warm scalp massage, not scalding hot skin graft). If you're very careful and precise, you can drizzle the oil directly onto your scalp like something you'd see in a Maxwell video (wear on old grubby shirt, it stains) OR you can be safe like me, and just dip your mitts into the oil and start applying it to your scalp with your fingers. Concentrate on temple area, top of head and base of hairline by your neck). Once you have sufficiently oiled your noggin, slap on a shower cap (I got mine on Amazon, and if you're feeling REALLY adventurous, you can get this one and make me eternally jealous) or a ratty (but clean!) warm, dry towel will work in a pinch. You'll want to leave this on throughout your spa session to really get the max benefits out of your warm oil treatment. After you're finished and your nails are completely dry, wash out with a moisturing shampoo and conditioner. Lately, I'm loving Aveda's Dry Remedy shampoo and conditioner. Perfect for these chilly temperatures.

5) Start your skincare routine. If you have your own, good on ya. If not, see #1 above for some helpful tips.

6) Get those nails under control. I always use one of those multi-sided filer/buffer doo-hickies like this to shape, buff and shine my nails before I start my painting. I lay down a base coat, let dry, and paint two coats of polish on top (in this case, I was using a random cabernet-colored sparkly 'perfect for Fall' shade), pop an anti-chip coat over your color when it is dry and then finish with a top coat. My base/top coat is the same so you don't have 37 different bottles to keep track of.

7) Lastly, I love slathering my feet with thick lotion and putting on luxurious socks. I am a big fan of Butter London's Kitten Heels Powder Finish Foot Creme it's on the pricey side for a foot lotion, but it's worth it. It smells minty fresh and leaves a dry, powdery finish so your socks don't get all gooey, yet it's still super moisturizing. Now, I would never tell you to go out and buy cashmere socks....actually, that's exactly what I'm telling you. They're AMAZING. They make all my other socks wimper with insecurities and I don't even feel bad for them. They deserve it. The ones pictured below are from Macy's from last year and they are SO soft and warm and cozy, and very reasonably priced. Do yourself a solid, and snatch some up.

When I was finished primping, I finally started feeling human again (read: female) which I'm sure the Boss Man appreciated. Like I really give a rat's furry ass anyway (obviously seeing as I was looking so fly before this spa night went down)...it's ok...he's not suffering. I sauntered downstairs, plopped my freshly-scrubbed self down on the sofa and the Mister and I watched scary movies and were fast asleep by 11pm. This is what I consider a perfectly delightful S-A-TUR-DAY NIGHT!


  1. oh my goodness I love your sweet blog! so glad you left a comment on mine so I could find you. Officially following via GFC and Instagram. Yay for blog friends! :)


    1. Oh YAY! How very sweet! Thank you for the IG love and GFC add! So happy to have found your blog as well :)



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