November 18, 2013

25 Gift Ideas Under $50 For the Guys in Your Life

25 Gift Ideas Under $50 For the Guys in Your Life

Alrighty, kidlets. As promised, here are my top 25 picks for all the manly mens in your life. Everything featured here is under $50. Some could work as stocking stuffers, others could be full-blown gifts. Here's what I'm digging...

1 & 2) Wood and bark-esque iPhone cases. So rugged. So masculine. No splinters included.
3) Wooden cube portable speaker for all the times you need to crank up the jams.
4 & 5) Bacon. Need I say more? Yes? Ok, bacon-chocolate-toffee. There. Oh you need something to wash that down with? Here's a potato chip milk chocolate bar. Now wipe that drool off your face, ya slob.
6) All the guys in my life (hubs, bro and dad ) are BIG beer snobs. They hate that term, but if the Croc fits...(actually, don't wear Crocs. Ever.) This is just a cool and affordable growler to have handy for all the brewery tours you have planned with your brahs. Bonus points if you buy it ahead of time, WASH IT, and have it filled with a delicious brew...but that would involve planning ahead which we all know, is not really linked to the Y chromosome in regards to Christmas shopping. Just sayin'....
7) I LOVE this. How cool would you look showing up to a rager with 6 different bottles of craft beer strategically placed in this re-claimed wood 6-pack holder?! I think the ONLY way you would get your ass beat for doing this is if you tell your buddies it's re-purposed wood and eco-friendly. So just shut your trap about where you got it and stick a beer in your pie hole. If all else fails, you could use it as a weapon.
8)'s a chrome pistol mug. That's all the description you need.
9) Besides eating it right out of the jar with a spoon, I'd use this maple bacon almond butter to make "peanut butter cookies" (obviously you'd replace the peanut butter with this stuff) then I'd add crispy bacon pieces and chocolate chips. But that's just me.
10) I think Liam Neeson has these hand towels in his powder room bathroom. You heard it here first.
11) Neat inexpensive chrono watch for kicking around on the weekends.
12) How legit are these slippers? Too legit. That's how much.
13) This herringbone backpack is equal parts functional and stylish.
14) Representin' from the 206?! These Seattle Space Needle socks come in 15 different colors but why WOULDN'T you want them in Seattle Supersonics colors? ANSWER ME!
15) Any Breaking Bad fans out there? I'm toeing the line of obsessive. If you asked Jesse Pinkman if you should buy this shirt, he'd say "Yeaaaaah, bitch!"
16) Zara underpinnings. They have whateva style tickles your pickle (pun intended). I like these ones with pipes and bicycles on them.
17) Like wool? Like leather? These gloves have a little of column A and a little of column B.
18) There WILL be times when a guy feels the need to light a candle. If he's doing it while listening to the new Kelly Clarkson album, at least this one will give him a sliver of his manhood back.
19) Wooden earbuds to match your wooden iPhone case and your wooden speaker. Cause we all know how important it is for guys to match their tech accessories, right? Right.
20) For all the guys who like a close shave but hate electric razors. This one looks way cooler than your Mach 3 from Rite Aid.
21) Who else has been so desperate for an ice scraper that they've used whatever is laying around (CD case anyone?) Enter the Quirky Thor with its extra blade and extra handle to give you more "oomph". Small enough to toss in the glove compartment, center console or side door compartment-thingy.
22) I imagine Ron Swanson drinking his black coffee out of this mug in his cabin.
23) Do you find yourself getting your beautiful crystal decanters of scotch, bourbon and rye all mixed up when entertaining guests? OMG me, too! Here are some leather tags to keep 'em straight. Problem = solved.
24) Okay, sue me....this item is NOT under $50. But it looked so good in the collage and will look even better on your feet (or your guy's feet). I'm obsessed with these and firmly stand by my opinion that every guy needs a nice, leather pair of Chukka boots. Just for shits, here is a nice pair under $50 so I can sleep tonight. I've seen them in person and they look really good, much better than online.
25) This camo print carryall is great for weekend trips, the gym, camping, etc. Fits a ton of stuff and has a shoulder strap if that kinda thing blows your skirt up.

And there ya have it. A pretty cool list of (hopefully) some original ideas for you to add to your wish list (or if the ladies are checking this out, some things to add to your shopping list). Keep your eyes peeled for the next installment which will be ideas for all the annoying adorable couples in your life!

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