November 17, 2013

25 Stocking Stuffers Under $25 {for her}

25 Stocking Stuffers Under $25 {for her}
Well, folks. It's about that time. If you're like me, you've been scouring different shopping sites for gift ideas for all the groovy people in your life. But let's not pretend like we haven't been noticing a few goodies for ourselves. I do it. Often. I thought it might be a cool idea to put together a few gift idea "sets" for those of you that need a little help with originality. First theme up on the agenda? Stocking Stuffers!! I have found 25 amazingly adorable items that any gal would love to have. Stay tuned for my top picks for the men in your life, awesome kid & baby gifts and finally, couples gift ideas. Here's what I'm asking for....
1) Initial mug. I find it fitting that the "C" for Colleen also has an adorable 3-tiered cake on it. Coincidence? I think not.
2) Look at these incredible stonewear measuring spoons! These can be displayed they're so cute!
3) I mean. It doesn't get much cuter than these animal mugs. And for the price, you can get them all!
4) Two words: cinnamon marshmallows. 'Nuff said.
5) These tea towels from Nordstrom are so cute and funny and will be perfect additions to my tea towel addiction collection. They have a ton with really quirky sayings on them. You can pick out any two towels for $16 (otherwise they're $10 a piece).
6) Essential oil rollerballs (if any guys are reading this, that means little aromatherapy perfume rollers). Stash these babies in your purse whenever you need a little pick-me-up. Included: 05 Headache, 18 Sleep, 06 Passion, 09 Focus.
7) Double pencil my case, you can NEVER have too many of these.
8) Neon makeup bag. This one would be perfect to keep my makeup contained in my black hole of a purse because it's day-glow and WILL NOT BE IGNORED.
9) This striped hairbrush is pretty maj, right? That's pretty much all.
10) I'm a big fan of bathroom necessities that come in pretty containers and can double as decoration on your counter. No need to stash this little bottle of mouthwash under the sink like the giant jug of Listerine you bought at Costco. This one is cute enough to display prominently front-and-center.
11) Two-in-one! This is a cute iPhone 5 case AND a great makeup palette! 11 eyeshadows, a blush and a bronzer!
12) Listen to what's packed into this sassy little bag: hairspray, clear nail polish, nail polish remover, emery board, lip balm, earring backs, clear elastics, mending kit, safety pin, double-sided tape, stain remover, deodorant towelette, pain reliever, tampon, breath freshener, dental floss, and adhesive bandage.You'll never be unprepared ever again!
13) I'm a big fan of the #hashtag movement. Now I can wear them on mah bod! With tags like "#blessed", "#YOLO" and "#fearless" to name a few. If they only had one that said #hungry I'd be all set.
14) I love these headbands. They don't pull hair, stay in place and they're super cute and festive. Perfect for the gym or a holiday party! Ver-sa-tile.
15) I love love LOVE the simplicity of these vertical bar earrings. They're simple and just a tiny bit bad ass. They also come in silver for the chicks who can't hang with gold.
16) Since I pretty much only use my phone as a camera (HELLLLO, do people still talk on these things?!) this iPhone case is perfect for me. How cute is this?? And the price? Tah die for.
17) Real leather, cute little bow keychain. Comes in 4 colors. I dig the black one and the gold one.
18) Ring holders are such a simple idea but so genius at the same time. I got a really beautiful crystal ring holder a couple of years ago from my mother-in-law and I seriously use it every single night to put my wedding ring on. I may get a second one for my "fashion" rings and this one is calling my name.
19) These little clutches are great for going out. Stash your credit cards, ID, cash and a lipgloss in here and you're GTG. Plus, it's always nice to get pretty leather items for gifts.
20) Black (real) leather driving gloves will NEVER go out of style. Stash 'em in your glove compartment for chilly mornings when your steering wheel is cold as ice.
21) Little leopard umbrella. Small enough to tuck in your purse. Big enough to keep yourself dry.
22) I'm OBSESSED with Maybelline's Baby Lips lip butters. I have them in every color as well as the new "neon" colors. If not already, get acquainted. I just stumbled on these "Dr. Rescue" medicated ones and need them all.
23) This Kate Spade scent smells really pretty and feminine. I love rollerballs so I can refresh my fragrance without hauling around a bottle that can break in my purse or my child can drink.
24) It's fun to get tasty treats in your stocking so you can indulge on Christmas morning. This cocoa is fair-trade and single origin so you can talk about it to everyone and sound like a big asshole at the same time.
25) These gloves are SO STINKING cute! Cashmere blend and a little bit long so your wrists won't get cold. First world problems...AM I RIGHT?!

You may find yourself asking "where can I find that insane pink sequined Juicy Couture stocking?!" Well, sadly, it's currently unavailable from Bloomingdale's. Limited edition. What cha gonna do, eh?

Coming up in the next couple days will be all sorts of amazing and original ideas for the man-pieces in your life. Yes they CAN be fun to shop for if you know what you're doing. I promise.

Happy gift giving and receiving!

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