January 13, 2014

My 15 Everyday Must Haves

My 15 Everyday Must Haves

One of my favorite things each month is discovering new products. New makeup, new skincare, new fashion finds. But you know what? Lately, I've been finding myself going back to the same couple handfuls of items every. single. day. Ever heard that old saying "if it ain't broke, don't fix it"? Well, in this case, these are the 15 items I haven't been able to live without lately. Some of these may be new to you, some may be boring (hello deodorant and toothpaste?!), but all of them are legit. Trust. I seriously wear and use these things almost every time I leave the house. No joke. My husband can attest to seeing me in or using these things more than he'd like, I'm sure. Here's what I'm currently digging and why...

1) Slouchy beanies. The "anti-hipster" in me is cringing over this one. I never thought I'd see the day I started wearing slouchy beanies. However, they're the only hat I like to wear with a pixie-cut. 'Nuff said. I have a few from Target, I have a few from Nordstrom, I have a few from Forever 21. I currently want that one in the collage above because, well, look at that rad berry color. I die.
2) You guys. YOU GUYS. This is my favorite MAC lipstick right now. And we alllllll know how many shades they have in their arsenal. To say this is my favorite is pretty major. It's called "Up the Amp" and it's a super creamy, highly pigmented deep lilac with pink undertones from their "amplified creme collection". It's stupid gorgeous on and instantly gives your look a little "bad assery". Pair it with a clean liquid lined eye and a heavy dose of black mascara.
3) NARS Duo Eyeshadow in "Cordura". I'm so obsessed with this eyeshadow duo. It's heavenly. It's the perfect brown duo. And the best part? I use my pointer finger to apply it. Not kidding. I take the warmer, lighter shade and apply it all over my lid and just slightly above my crease. Then I take the deeper, darker, coolor brown and smudge it along my upper and lower lash line. It's like "How to Get a Smokey Eye Using Your Grubby Fingers: Idiot Edition"....yet....it looks flawless and the colors are pretty on every eye color.
4) Aveda Defining Whip or Whipped Elements (some people call it the former, some the latter...both are correct). When I was fresh out of beauty school and working in my first Aveda salon, I fell in love with this stuff. It's the consistency of whipped butter and it gives the most INCREDIBLE texture to shorter hairstyles. If you have fine hair, this stuff is your jam. It will not weigh it down and it lasts all day. No greasy clumps, just weightless texture. And it smells ri-donk-u-lous (that's a good thing if you're unfamiliar with the term).
5) This is one of those "mom finds" (feel free to roll your eyes...I did, too). This stuff is technically for a babies rumpus, but doubles as awesome hand balm. It's a bit greasy so I wouldn't recommend applying it and playing the harp or anything, but if you have time to apply, massage and let it soak in, by all means DO IT.
6) Is it possible to love your diaper bag? Ugh. Hear me out. I had a diaper bag that I registered for...long story short, this ain't it. I ended up picking this one up myself when C was about 6 months old. Best. Decision. Ever. This bag is SO easy to get in and out of and can so totally double as a general tote bag. It has a pouch for literally everything, it has a shoulder strap AND regular purse straps and it has removable stroller straps so you can remove them when your "baby totin' days" are over. The shiny black exterior looks super chic, too. I'm not embarrassed to wear this bitch on my shoulder.
7) For my 1st Mother's Day "slash" Birthday present (last year) my parents bought me the most uh-mazing pumpkin colored Michael Kors leather tote purse. I loved it instantly. It is the perfect Mom purse (you can put EVERTHING in this thing). Well for Christmas this year, they surprised me with yet another one, this time in the signature MK logo print in a really cool metallic pewter color. The one above is close, but picture it in kind of a silvery shade. It's function meets fashion in every sense of the word(s).
8) Gap "Real Straight" jeans. I love this fit. Pretty self-explanatory. But if you're wondering what my body-type is to see if they'd be your "thang" I have the world's longest torso with a small waist, the world's shortest/ample legs and a serious case of "bubble butt". This is a fit they carry pretty much all the time which is great. I recently picked up a pair EXACTLY like the pair above on clearance in-store for $15. Scha-wing batter!
9) I love Origins. If you aren't familiar with their products, I highly suggest you get thee to one of their counters in a Macy's store. They have one of my all time favorite cleansers in the world, but that's not what we're talking about here. What I'm currently loving for my makeup "days off" (i.e. running errands, etc.) is their VitaZing Energy-Boosting Moisturizer. This stuff comes out of the tube white (with teeny tiny gray dots) and magically "adjusts" to your skin tone. It kind of gives you a slight insta-tan and the coverage of a light BB cream (not a ton, but enough to even out your complexion). It has SPF 15 and we all know how I feel about sun protection.
10) I don't know about y'all, but this time of year my scalp is D-R-Y. I drink water. I take my vitamins. To no avail. I need some scalp help! I even have my husband hooked on this stuff and I've been buying it in bulk at beauty supply. Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Hair and Scalp Treatment. It tingles, it smells medicinal (in a good way) and it keeps me from constantly scratching my head. Problem = solved.
11) I'm obsessed with white teeth. It's kind of my "thing". This toothpaste is no joke.
12) Deodorant, you say?! This is my new favorite and I'm convinced I will never switch. Ever. It smells like cucumbers and it works perfectly.
13) Listen carefully. These are the best long-sleeve t-shirts on the planet. Old Navy FTW! They're like this, stretchy, drapey material and they fit like a dream. I buy them in the "tall" option in a size medium and I seriously own all of the colors and hope they make more (don't think I haven't written the company....cause I have). Wash them in cool water and lay them flat to dry and they'll look as amazing as the day you bought them.
14) Okay, this one is kinda funky. This exact jacket pictured isn't the same as I own but it's the closest I could find to what mine looks like. I got mine from my Mother-in-Law a few years ago and it is my favorite item in my closet. It's INC and it's real leather (sorry, PETA). It fits like a glove and it goes with everything. This one pictured above is also pretty comparable in price to mine which is a great "middle of the road" price point IMO. I just don't see a point in spending $3,000 on a leather moto jacket, but that's just me.
15) My nude studded flats from Target! Soooooo comfy. I should have bought 3 pairs of these....come to think of it, I think they're on sale online now so I may need to hop on over and swoop up a couple more pairs before they're gone. I love these. They're smoking-slippers-style with grommets and studs and spikes. You can use them as a weapon in a kick-boxing match in a pinch (DISCLAIMER: I do NOT condone violence....unless provoked).

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