January 6, 2014

Taking 2014 By The Horns

Ahhhh the clean, shiny slate of a new year. Such promise. So many good intentions. If you're anything like me, you write out a list plunk out a list on your iPhone notepad and feel ready to accomplish anything come January 1. Then, unexplicably, somewhere around March 1 you find yourself all dressed in your fancy new Nike workout clothes while shoving doughnuts down your throat at a rapidfire speed (or whatever else is the complete opposite of what you "resolved" to do differently in the new year.

Here are a few of my "go to" resolutions that I put on my list every year amongst other things:

1. Stop swearing (or cut WAY back)
2. Drink more water and less coffee...or at least drink a glass of water in between each cup of coffee
3. Start running again FOR REAL

The good news? I've started running again. The not-so-good-news? I think I've actually expanded my vocabulary of expletives and I am still going through enough coffee to choke a pony. Baby steps, right?

A few days ago, while on a late-night Friday Night Lights bender on Netflix, I decided to make some new resolutions for 2014. These bad boys are in addition to the steady-eddies I have listed above. Auright, 2014...let's see if I can get my shit together.

4. Give the homestead a bit more sex appeal (that is "curb appeal" for all you prudes). Things like get a new front door (or paint the present one), get some sassy flower pots for the front steps, brand spanking new light fixtures on the garage and light post out front 'cause the ones we gotz now just ain't doin' it for me no more.
5. Lose 10 more pounds. I know, I know. This is so cliched it almost makes you want to punch me, right? I swore I'd have my baby weight off by the time C was 9 months old. Well, I succeeded AND lost another 5 on top of it. However, once I realized I could get the weight that was gained after saying "I do" (ahh wedded bliss, you nasty beeyotch) off of my arse, I decided to aim for my wedding day weight. I have a feeling these next 10 are going to be a mutha trucker to remove.
6. Get my traveling/freelance kit perfected. I really want to get back into doing more freelance makeup and/or makeup lessons. My kit has some incredibly amazing pieces that I feel so blessed to have, however, I feel there is some major fine-tuning that needs to be done so that everything is clean, organized and ready to go at the drop of a hat.
7. Register and train for a 10K.
8. Spend less time on my stupid iPhone.
9. Keep my hardwood floors clean cleaner. Nothing makes me feel less worthy of my self-appointed  Mother of the Year title than my child finding crap I didn't even know existed in the corners of my hardwoods and putting them directly into his mouth. Fuzz, cat hair, bobby pins, paper scraps, food particles...I could go on and on really.....

So there you have it. I feel like these resolutions are new enough to keep me interested but still totally doable. Hopefully by this summer you'll drive by and see a slender, well-hydrated, polite-mouthed, fresh-faced gal sprinting up to her beautiful front door surrounded by incredibly chic flower pots and say to yourself "she did it. She really did it" as you're slowly nodding your head in silent approval. Maybe I'll wave back (if I'm not too busy playing Panda Pop on my phone). What are your resolutions? Did you make any? Tell me what they are in case I want to gank a few of them!

Happy New Year to you and yours!


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