February 17, 2014

Calling all Glasses Wearers!

The other day, when I was packing up allllll the crapola into the car in order to take the Bebe out and about, I dropped my beloved glasses on the garage floor and then proceeded to step on them. Like a bumbling idiot. After I yelled out a bunch of not-so-very-choice words, I picked them up, cradled them in my hands and carried them inside. Obviously I was irritated that I broke my glasses, but I was more annoyed that I was going to have to go through the process of replacing them. I have a love/hate relationship with the eye doctor's office. I have always been fortunate enough to have insurance that covers prescription glasses, however, I still manage to end up walking out of there $300 out of pocket and in the hole. How the hell does that happen?! I think in my specific case, the sales people see that my pupils are dilated to the size of pancakes and think "Hey! Let's show her the designer frames! Since she can't see a damn thing right now, she won't be able to make out the price on the tag!" And you know what? They're right *quietly sobs to self*

I'm going to let you in on a little secret. You can get quality prescription glasses online IF you have your current prescription. The very cool thing is, you can get your prescription from an optometrist in your network for very little money (sometimes, nothing). Contact your insurance company to see which doctors in your area accept your insurance and then make an appointment for an eye exam. Once you provide them with your insurance information and have completed your exam, let them know you do not want to shop for frames, but that you would just like a copy of your prescription (sometimes it helps to let them know this on the phone when you're making your appointment). If you have insurance, usually you just have to pay a co-payment (depending on your insurance) sometimes 100% of the exam cost is covered. If you do not have insurance, eye exams usually cost anywhere between $50 and $100 (or more) depending on where you get your exam. Call around to get the best price, just make sure it is a reputable doctor. This is definitely an example of "you get what you pay for".

Since I have my current prescription, I hopped online just to see if it was something I could do. Imagine my surprise when I discovered a few different websites that let you enter your prescription and then shop for glasses right in the comfort of your own home! Here's exactly what I did:

I chose Coastal.com for a few reasons. They had an incredible selection of frames (including designer frames), their prices were great, they do a "try before you buy" deal to make sure you're happy with your lenses and frames AND they were running a GET YOUR FIRST PAIR FREE offer! I mean.....hellllllll yeah! The "first pair free" deal is on select frames, but I was easily able to choose a pair that qualified and I thought, well if they arrive and I don't like them, I'll just send them back within the 30 days! Luckily, when they arrived (in under 5 days) I was MORE than happy with them! I also chose a second pair that was on sale for $50 that I could use as a backup pair. This is such a great option for folks who don't have insurance or just don't want the pressure of dealing with the pushy sales people at LensCrafters (or wherever.....) If you click the above link (here it is again) it will take you to their main page, then at the very top of their main page, right next to all of their social media icons (right above the Coastal logo) you will see "GET YOUR FIRST PAIR FREE". Once you click that, it will take you to all the frames that are included in the offer. You can then narrow down your search on the left hand side so you don't have to wade through a bunch of frames you'd never wear. I like the nerdy-chic look so I always choose "plastic", "wayfarer" and some type of tortoise shell color. The pair I'm wearing pictured above is called "Joseph Marc 4111" in color "Black Tortoise". The other pair I ordered is called Love L746 in "Brown Tort". The other totally fun part is you can upload a picture of yourself (great excuse to snap a selfie) and then virtually try on any pair you want! Here's the pic I uploaded (on the left) and then an example of how accurate their virtual try-on function is:

Make sure you use code: FIRSTPAIRFREE at checkout! It will ask you for all your prescription information, here's what mine looks like (below) just to get an idea of what you're looking for. If you know anything about eyes, don't make fun of how blind I am. I pretty much wear coke bottle glasses. DEAL WITH IT. Anyhoo, they'll have you enter all your info into little drop down boxes (totally idiot proof). Hope this helps or at least gives you another shopping option! Let me know in the comments section if you have any questions!

     Eye                  SPH            CYL          AXIS           PD
OD (Right)          -1.00          -2.00          100            63

OS (Left)            -1.25          -2.25           80


  1. Ok, you are so not blind! My prescription is in the -7s and -8s... I'm due for some new glasses, so I will definitely browse the selection at Coastal! Thanks for the suggestion!

    1. Ha! Oh you are too kind to make me feel better! I'm currently squinting HARD to write this reply because I'm too lazy to drag myself upstairs to get my glasses. So glad you found me! Good luck with Coastal, they were wonderful!


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