February 2, 2014

Lazy Girl Beauty | Tips on Looking Great in Under 10 Minutes

We've ALL been there. Those mornings we hit the snooze button a record amount of time overslept because something was obviously defective with our cell phone alarm, right?? Why is it that those are the times our hair is at its greasiest, our skin is less-than-dewy, our under eye circles are black as tar and we have nothing to wear? It's like the entire universe is hell bent on screwing us as hard as it can. Let me share with you some tricks I've acquired over the years. These simple and helpful little nuggets will get you out the door looking polished and put-together. Like you woke up on time, ate a balanced breakfast, did a morning workout, took a leisurely shower and primped and preened before heading out for your day. When in reality, you stayed up too late the night before binge-watching Breaking Bad and drinking wine and just HAD to have that extra 10 minutes (okay, 40 minutes) of sleep. Hopefully these tips will save you enough time to roll through the Starbucks drive-thru to get yourself a quad grande skinny vanilla latte to set your mind right.

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1. Makeup removing wipes. If you have 2 working hands, use one to brush your teeth, and the other to run a pre-moistened facial cleansing wipe like this (Simple Cleansing Facial Wipes) all over your mug. Remove that grease from your face while removing the grime from your teeth. Boom. Look at you multi-tasking!

2. Slap on a CC cream to entire face and blend down to your neck (this one is my all time favorite: Pur Minerals CC Cream Broad Spectrum SPF 40) it includes moisturizer, brightener, concealer and SPF in ONE PRODUCT. It's a little bit spendier than the drugstore versions, but this one is legit. It is light and creamy, yet offers incredible coverage and brightens the entire face. You may find that after you apply this, you don't even need extra concealer. I have yet to find a CC cream that I feel this strongly about.

3. I have 2 words for you that will change your life: Dry Shampoo. Serrrrrrriously, ladies. If you don't have this stuff stashed all over the place, YOU'RE DOING IT WRONG....and by "it" I mean "life". Not only does it soak up all the greasies, but it removes that "dirty hair smell" and the added bonus is, it adds incredible volume to lackluster strands. There are some really great dry shampoos and there are some terrible ones (notably bad: TreSemme and Oscar Blandi). Luckily for you, I have tried just about every single one out there and these are my all time favorites. Take a look at our home girl Cameron here...then venture down below for my picks.

Kenra Platinum Dry Shampoo Refresh & Revive (works great and smells like Dole Pineapple Whip)
Batiste Dry Shampoo Original Clean (a classic that works great for under $10 and comes in different colors and scents)
Dove Style+Care Refresh Dry Shampoo (thrifty gals rejoice! This is a KILLER dry shampoo for under $5!! It really does work incredibly well and it smells fresh but not overpowering). Kind of hard to track this one down online but you can most likely find it in person at your local drugstore.
Klorane Gentle Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk (I love love love this dry shampoo. It smells clean, doesn't leave a residue and the oat milk is calming to the scalp so you don't get the "itchies".)

4. Double and triple-duty beauty products. What I mean by this is, anything you can use on more than one area of your face so that you don't have 30 different products to worry about slapping on your mug. Blush that doubles as lip stain. A foundation stick that can also be used as concealer. Mascara and shadow in one tube...you get the picture. Less products to rifle around looking for in the morning = precious time saved. Here are a few of my steady-eddies that have saved me more than once under pressure.
Bobbi Brown Bobbi Brown Foundation Stick (above) apply straight out of the tube onto trouble spots (forehead, nose chin and inner cheeks) and then use your clean fingers to blend out. Apply an extra layer under eyes and "set" with a finely milled powder.
Lipstick Queen Oxymoron Lip & Cheek Color - Color - Honest Politician (above) use your fingers to apply to apples of cheeks, lips and eyelids for a pretty "flushed" glow.
Smashbox Brow Tech To Go Taupe (above) one of the best brow pencils around. This one kicks ass because it also has a brow gel on the other end to brush wiley brows into submission.

e.l.f. Eyeliner and Shadow Stick (above) I really dig the brown/basic color. It has a chocolate brown liner one one end and a really pretty champagne shadow on the other end. Use one end, flip it over and use the other!

5. Have a "go-to" hair style mastered that you can do with your eyes closed. Have long, flowing locks? Master the art of the chignon or the messy side braid. Tailored bob? Try tucking one side behind your ear with a chic bobby pin. Pixie cut? Wear it sleek and polished à la Twiggy or intentionally messy like Jennifer Lawrence with a good, matte finish pomade. I made you lovelies a little collage of some of my favorite hairstyles right now. Give 'em a gander...

6. K-I-S-S which stands for: Keep it simple, stupid. This of course is in reference to your outfit. Now is not the time to try to master the art of mixing patterns like you saw Sarah Jessica Parker doing so effortlessly last week. Keep your pieces classic and if all else fails, stick with all black (or other dark pieces). They look tailored and sharp as opposed to sloppy and thrown together (like brights and patterns sometimes look when they aren't chosen carefully). If you MUST add a pop of color, toss on ONE piece of statement jewelry and then, seriously, call it good. Check out places like Zara, H&M, Gap and Banana Republic for pieces that are classic, well-made and tailored. It's always best to start with a solid base (your outfit) and add-on from there with pieces like this...

7. Last but certainly not least, always have a "stash" in your car's glove compartment. This emergency kit should include: deodorant, disposable toothbrushes (I LOOOOOVE those little Colgate Wisp thingys that have a brush on one end and a little pick on the other and there's toothpaste IN the brush so there's no need for water!) <-- that one should be a total last resort as there is NO substitute for brushing your teeth. Also, BB or CC cream, some hair elastics and bobby pins (or a sock bun kit), a tube of mini mascara and a pretty lipgloss. It's kind of like insta-beauty, MacGyver style.

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