February 3, 2014

What to Give Your Guy for Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day - Man Edition

Sometimes it's hard to come up with gift ideas for your guy for Valentine's Day. Call it unfair, but it just seems like a holiday geared towards the lady-folk (hey, no complains from this side of the computer). I found some really fun and quirky things that any guy would like and they sure as hell beat opening a pair of silk, lip-printed boxers.

1 | I'm kind of proud of myself for this idea so if you use it....you're welcome. If your guy loves Porterhouse steaks as much as my old man, then this would be SUCH a great idea. If you have a local butcher, I recommend visiting them in person and hand-selecting your items (great way to support your local farmers)...however, if that's not an option for you, Dean & Deluca does two 20oz, USDA choice grade angus beef, wet-aged, 1in thick Porterhouse steaks that are shipped "Next Day" to ensure freshness. It's one-side New York strip and one-side tender filet mignon. And I DON'T want to know what you offered to do to get him to let you have the 2nd steak. 
2 | Maple Bacon Chapstick. Picture this: your man is hanging out with a friend, he reaches for some chapstick because his "lips hurt real bad" and his buddy looks at him like he's wearing a pink dress. All he has to do is utter the words "Maple. Bacon. Flavored." Manhood restored. Crisis = averted.
3 | Got a beer lover on your hands? Maybe he can get some beer on his. Beer soap, that is. This stuff is scented like pumpkin lager. Cheers!
4 | It wouldn't be Valentine's Day without red, right? This red and navy plaid button-down shirt is the perfect blend of comfy and stylish and the price is just right.
5 | Every time I make a pun at home, my husband looks at me like he wants to push me over. This pillow is funny to me. If you have a guy who appreciates a good pun, this "I Wheelie Like You" pillow is perfect.
6| If your man-piece has trouble expressing himself in words, make it easy on the poor bastard and give him this rotating Valentine stamp. With phrases like "I Want You", "Let's Make Out" and "Not Gonna Happen" (amongst others) there is a line for every mood!
7 | These Sukat Makkaralla ("socks rolled down") tumblers look slouchy, relaxed and cool. Perfect to sip his favorite Scotch from.
8 | Don't laugh. When my brother and I were little kids, we used to borrow the neighbor's tandem bike and ride around the neighborhood. I rarely let him be in the front, because, well, I like control. This one looks sporty and fun and would be such a cool way for two dorky kids two lovebirds to get around town. With a 5 out of 5 star rating on Amazon, it's a great deal for under $300! Nothing says "romance" like 2 healthy, pumping hearts!
9 | Ready to toss out your guy's nasty-ass, chewed up sneakers? If you do, make sure you replace them with these Paul Rodriguez 7 sneakers by Nike. Then maybe you won't have to hear him complain like a little beeyotch for 2 weeks after he can't find his beloved old ones.
10 | This shirt. THIS SHIRT. This thing speaks for itself. This is one of those t-shirts I would have to administer brute force to remove from my husband's body because he would try to wear it every. single. day.

There ya go! Hopefully you can get at least one idea from this list! And fret not, my pets. I have put together an even better (in my humble opinion) list of ideas for you to print off and leave out for your man so he doesn't end up buying you ridiculously cheesy lingerie that you'll never wear as long as you're alive.


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