March 22, 2014

Spring Beauty Update & Makeup Shelf Life

Springtime Beauty Update

It's officially Springtime, y'all! It's. About. Time. Seriously...for some reason, this Winter seemed to drag on forever. I'm not complaining (I don't think). I love Winter, but this year my cabin fever was starting to get to me somethin' fierce. Like the rest of the world, I will be doing a major Spring cleaning of my house, including my closet. It's a great time to purge, purge, purge. Spring is a time of renewal and updating. Your makeup bag and beauty routine should not be overlooked! Time to toss out all the nasty, germy, broken up powders, thick, gummy mascaras, and basically anything else that has an "off" smell...yeah, I'm talking to YOU, waxy crayon smelling lipsticks! Here are some quick changes you can make to your beauty routine to take you from Fall/Winter to Spring/Summer:
1 | Try switching your heavy, full-coverage foundation out for a BB or CC cream or CC cream stick with SPF.
2 | Switch powder blush for a cream blush or a blush stick. Most of these can also double as a lip color as well!
3 | Ditch the heavy, matte lips and try a punchy, sheer berry color or a fun shade of coral!
4 | Instead of a dark, liquid lined eye, try a smudgy, soft pencil that also doubles as a cream eyeshadow.
5 | Switch out a matte, full-coverage finishing powder for a translucent powder instead.
6 | Try experimenting with a fun, colored mascara instead of black! My favorite way to wear this trend is to apply a light coat of my regular black mascara as my "anchor" and then use a fun color like bright blue or purple just on the outer tips of my lashes. This way I still have the black closest to my lash line which really makes my eyes stand out, but then I have a bright punchy color towards the tips (kind of an ombre effect) that really intensifies my eye color!
If you're wondering about makeup shelf-life, I've made you lovelies this little cheat sheet that you can "Pin" or if you're into killing trees, print it off and keep it somewhere handy next to your makeup! It's so important to get rid of expired makeup for a few reasons: 1) Germs, germs, germs 2) They start losing effectiveness after a while 3) It's an excuse to buy new makeup (as if we needed another reason, RIGHT??)

Happy Spring!


  1. Great post, I especially needed the expiration post!

  2. Eek! I've got some liquid eyeliner to purge. Thanks for the post!

  3. I always use the same make up, I never change it haha. And I use my mascara till it's empty, that can be after 5 months, oeps!

    1. Haha Marion! I think we're all guilty of this (myself included)! I would imagine 5 months is honestly not that bad at all especially if the formula isn't all thick and clumpy. I think these are meant as guidelines so people aren't using 4 year old mascaras! Lol. I'm sure there are people out there that have some OLD makeup they can't get rid of! :)


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