April 7, 2014

False Lashes in a Tube?! Believe it! {Giveaway}

 "Hey, YOU! Wanna win me?? You know you do!" ~L'Oreal False Fiber Lashes

Yesterday I was grabbing a few necessities at Target which inevitably ended up in me grabbing a few non-necessities as well...DAMN YOU, TARGET. The sweet swan song of the beauty aisles get me every time. Surprisingly, I was able to show some great restraint and keep it to a few things I was truly out of or running dangerously low on. One of those things was mascara. I was feeling a bit adventurous and decided to branch out a bit and try a new one. I had been curious about this one by L'Oreal Paris for a while now and decided to just go balls to the wall and give it a shot. Anything that touts giving me a "false lash effect" is like a magnet sucking me in. As far as I'm concerned, the fuller and more intense the lashes, the better! The description says "The power of sculpting fibers give you an outrageous, false lash look from any angle with this fiber volumizing mascara by L'Oreal." There are supposed to be little fibers similar to the Younique 3D Fiber mascara, only the little hairy fibers are not a separate step with the L'Oreal variety. They are a part of the mascara formula and are supposed to just attach themselves and bind to your lashes as you apply.

Luckily for y'all, I snapped a few pics to document my experience. I liked this stuff so much I decided I'm going to give a tube away to one of my beautiful readers! Check out my review below and then don't forget to enter via the Rafflecopter box below (make sure you give it time to load, sometimes it can be slow). Good luck!

Here is the packaging...

I think it's important to note: the brush reminded me a lot of my favorite YSL Faux Cils Shocking mascara. It was a bit longer and thinner in shape, but the bristles are almost identical in that they are all pointing in different directions and are very closely spaced. YSL claims this gives you the look of having applied 2 coats of mascara in one sweep, so I'm assuming (since L'Oreal owns YSL) that they were going for the same effect here. Also, I could see tiny little fibers coming off the bristles when I pulled the wand out of the tube which got me all hot and bothered. 

And now I present the before and after....
{before with absolutely nothing on my lashes}
{after with only ONE coat of this stuff and no eyeliner)

Pretty crazy, right? I was worried that I was going to get some of those little hairy fibers in my eyes during the day, but so far I've been wearing it about 5 hours and have had no problems whatsoever! I can't wait to use this stuff with eyeliner and do a couple coats to really pump up the volume!

Okay...so who wants to win a tube?? Enter below via the Rafflecopter box and I will reach out to the winner via email to get shipping info so I can get it out to you! Good luck! Don't forget to share this giveaway on Facebook or Twitter! Whichever (or both) blows your hair back!

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  1. I want the best of both worlds in my mascara - length and volume please!

  2. I like both! But the more volume the better! I've never tried this type but my go to mascara is the L'Oreal Voluminous Original. Love L'Oreal brand!

    1. I have loved the L'Oreal Voluminous Original for YEARS! It's such a great mascara! Lately I've been loving their Shocking Extensions mascara but honestly, I don't think I've tried a L'Oreal mascara I didn't love. They're awesome!

  3. I love all the fabulous volume and length this mascara creates!!


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