April 4, 2014

How to Tie Scarves {Tutorial Link}

Heyyyyyo! It's Friday! For most people that's cause for celebration. For me, it's an excuse to be lazy and not do my hair. Why? I don't have a reason, but the fact that it's Friday seems as good a reason as any! I've been on an "I'm trying to grow my hair out" kick lately and I've been trying to get creative with my in-between styles (that may be the meat for another post, methinks). In the meantime, I've kind of been loving scarves and head wraps these days. They're super easy, chic and a great way to hide bedhead. I am a big fan of the old fashioned, classic cotton bandanas as pictured above (I have burgundy, red, blue, light pink, green) just make sure you're wearing the reds and blues in neutral gang territory. But in all seriousness, I think they're kind of a funky retro way to play around with accessories and showcase your individuality since there are about a gazillion ways to tie scarves.

I wanted to see if there were any other ways I could tie my scarves that I hadn't already learned over the years and I found the COOLEST website with a booty load of video tutorials. I found about 37 different techniques I want to try, but for the sake of time, I chose one and snapped a couple grainy cell phone pics (sorry) for you to see! My den is ridonkulouosly dark as you can see below so please, focus your peepers on the scarf and try not to notice the crappy photo quality. I chose this style because 1) it's wearable 2) it's unique (LOVE the knots) 3) it's easy to execute 4) it has kind of a cool, ethnic vibe...so...instant street cred. I will say this...it's MUCH easier to work with scarves that aren't really silky. Mine was in the below photo, so I turned it to the "rougher" side and that helped a bit. I will definitely need to grab a few more that are the long rectangular shape as opposed to a giant square shape so I can get a bit more traction and control when twisting and folding and knotting and manipulating...OY VEY. Also! If you're in need of a good arm workout, this one will do it! When I was done with the below style (it took me a couple go-rounds) my arms were squealing like a couple piglets. This is another tutorial for a super cute head scarf that I've seen floating around online for a year or two. And when all else fails and you need some inspiration, good old YouTube never disappoints!

Front view

Side view

Do you have any favorite ways to wear head scarves? Let me know in the comments below! I'd love to see if any of you find a new way using this fave new website I discovered!

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