April 11, 2014

How to Wear Pastel Makeup

How to Wear Pastel Makeup

They're baaaaaack! Let me paint you a pretty pastel mental picture (see what I did there?) Imagine if you will, a young, orange-haired girl of 12, sitting in her room, listening to her Alanis Morissette, Oasis, Spice Girls, Jewel, Aaliyah, Puff Daddy, Smashing Pumpkins....(I could go on forever, really), painting each one of her fingernails a different pastel shade, and picturing her wedding where each one of her bridesmaids would be wearing her own unique shade of pastel pink, blue, green, yellow (respectively) and carrying a bouquet of pastel flowers. This young pastel-obsessed pre-teen was none other than yours truly. I was elbow deep in Delia's catalogs and was probably wearing a pair of chunky heeled jelly sandals NOT ironically...they were the coolest back then. Trust.

My point? Well, there are a couple. 1) I really miss those days 2) I'm SO making myself a 1996/1997 playlist and 3) PASTELS ARE BACK! 

I know there are plenty of folks who look at all the jellybean-esque hued makeup products and cringe. I have to admit, some of it is pretty intimidating (hello, mint green lipstick?!) and while some of those bolder choices aren't for everyone, there are ways to incorporate these fun little "tongue in cheek" shades to your Spring beauty routine without looking like the Easter bunny slapped you across the face with a handful of Cadbury Mini Eggs (wait...that actually sounds like something I would really enjoy happening to me).

Here are a few tips to wearing pastel makeup while remaining the chic, independent woman you are *go ahead and high-five the closest female to you*

1 | Add some black liner and/or black mascara and lay down a good lid primer before ANY pastel eyeshadow. The black liner and thick, lush lashes will act as an anchor for your lightly colored lids and the primer will ensure your shadow stays opaque and lasts longer than a few minutes. Sometimes pastel shadows can be a bit sheer and applying a primer first will give you a bit more "pop" without having to layer 57 coats of shadow to get it to show up.

2| Don't be afraid to experiment with different finishes. When most people think of pastels, they think thick, opaque and matte. There are so many more wearable finishes to look out for. Try a sheer lilac blush, a frosty pink gloss or a shimmery blue shadow stick

3 | Incorporate your non-pastel shades! There's no rule saying you can't wear a light pastel shade on the inner-corners of your eyes and a deep cocoa or gunmetal gray on the outer corners or crease. I find that sometimes adding some familiarity to a new trend can really make you feel a bit more comfortable. No need to jump in with both feet! Why not experiment with a new pastel lip color and then wear your "everyday eye" look, or visa versa with a pastel eye and your favorite lipstick or gloss? Play around and find new ways to spice up your everyday routine!

4 | Don't get scared off by crazy hued lipsticks. You know what's cool about robins egg blue lipstick? If you're not comfortable rocking it all by itself (you're not alone here) it can be added over the top of warmer shades to "cool them down" and create your very own shade! Same goes for the mint greens! Lime Crime makes some seriously cool opaque pastel lipsticks and glosses that I personally think look awesome on their own, but why not try playing around and lightly running them over some of your existing lip colors and see what you can come up with?! It's a great way to make old tubes of lipstick new again!

5 | As much as I hate using this "tip" because it is so generic and cheesy, it is true: As with any other makeup trend that comes and goes (and they will ALL come and go...and come and go) wear it with confidence! Whenever I hear someone say to me "I love your neon orange lipstick!" (or whatever crazy thing I have on my face that day) "I wish I could pull it off!" I always reply "You CAN pull it off! If you love it, wear it and don't make any apologies!" As soon as you start second guessing your decisions, others will as well and it's all downhill from there. Just make sure it's something you truly love and don't feel pressured to try just because it's trendy. I promise that just as quickly as a beauty trend comes along, it'll be out the next day and the next will come along. That's why it's fun to play around! You never know, you may stumble on your next "signature look"!

***Note: if you want to check out any of the above products, click HERE for the Polyvore collage with all of the clickable links***

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