April 25, 2014

Steal Their Look!

Steal Their Look!
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I always love flipping through magazines and seeing if I can recreate looks I love. I've done it ever since junior high and it's still fun for me. It's always fun when the celebrity's makeup artist tells you exactly what they used to achieve the look so you don't have to guess, but these are 5 looks I'm loving right now that I could right off the top of my head think of the tools to replicate it! We've got a natural look, a couple "girl next door" looks, a dramatic look and a sweet look. Pick your favorite!

Steal Christina Hendricks' look: 
(colors: blush #210, lips: "Coquette", liner: "Black")

Steal Kristen Bell's look:
(colors: lips: "Go for Girlie", cheeks: "Narcissistic")

Steal Kate Hudson's look:
(colors: lips: "Nude Lust", liner: "Black")

Steal Kate Upton's look:
(color: lips: "Siren Red")

Steal Ashley Benson's look:
(colors: eyeshadow: "Cyber Copper", blush stick: "South Beach", lips: Apple "Strudel", brows: "Taupe")

1 comment:

  1. I do always love Christina Hendricks's make-up! Thanks for the product recommendations!


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