April 29, 2014

The BB Cream No Woman Should Be Without

You GUYS. It is rare that you will see me dedicate an entire blog post to one item. Usually I will include it into some type of "current favorites" post or something...but I'm throwing up my jazz hands right now because I have stumbled upon a drugstore diamond in the rough. While trolling the aisles of Target yesterday, I saw an end cap with Garnier's BB Cream on sale. Nothing new here, I've known about Garnier's BB Cream for quite some time as it was one of the first drugstore lines to hop on the BB cream craze. I honestly dismissed it along with the cheesy commercials because truth be told, I'm not the biggest Garnier fan. I've never really found any of their products to be earth-shattering. Until now.

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I have a love/hate relationship with BB and CC creams. I really want to love them and believe all the hype, but the only ones I've found that have impressed me enough have had the high price tag to go along with it. My two favorites have always been these two but I have a hard time justifying almost $40 for a glorified tinted moisturizer (however, if you want to try a fancy one, give one of these bad boys a try...you won't regret it)...

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Enter Garnier's BB Cream. I chose the color "Light/Medium" and the "Combination/Oily" formula as I can become a bit of an oil slick midday. The box says "Instant perfection, all day shine control" so I was intrigued. The tube contains 2 fluid ounces which is about average BUT I only paid around $11 (as opposed to $38 for my usual BB and CC creams) so instant savings there. The first thing I noticed was the consistency. I'm used to BB and CC creams being thick, almost whipped in consistency, the Garnier BB Cream is very liquidy and almost thin in comparison. When I applied it (just using my clean hands) I was SO impressed with how pigmented it was. It covered my redness, my freckles, my sun spots and my dark circles, yet it wasn't heavy or cakey at all. It kind of reminded me of all the HD foundation formulas out there right now, without the weight. I decided I wanted to see if it could be built upon in areas to gain even more coverage (inner cheeks, chin) and it did beautifully. I imagine this stuff would apply like a DREAM using a Beauty Blender sponge if you wanted a flawless finish that you could stipple more product on where needed.

The picture above here shows the liquid-like consistency and below it is an extreme closeup of my face. All I have on in that photo is the BB cream and a light dusting of NARS Orgasm blush. NO concealer, NO powder.

Now, what begs to be seen is the oil control throughout the day. I can say I've had it on for a couple hours and so far, have not needed to blot any oil or dust any powder anywhere, so I'm hoping that we continue on with this trend. The other thing I might try is using this as a primer underneath my fuller coverage foundation for times I need absolutely flawless coverage. I'm thinking it will be pretty great.

You can find this little gem at Ulta, Target, Walgreens, RiteAid, CVS, Walmart, Amazon...really the list goes on. Or you can click the link below and buy it online! Make sure you pay attention to the "options" to choose your formula and proper shade. Also! If you purchase at Ulta, make sure you use code "206879" at checkout to get $3.50 off the price! If you go in store, click here to print off the coupon and bring it with you.

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