April 21, 2014

Unconventional Makeup Storage Ideas

Unconventional Makeup Storage Ideas

Does anyone else have kind of a "makeup explosion" decor theme going on in their bathroom? I can't be the only one. My poor husband is forced get ready for work and bed in a space that looks like it should be featured on "Hoarders: Beauty Product Edition". Don't feel too bad for the guy...he gets me back by leaving his freshly shaved whiskers ALL over his sink. Can a sister get a collective "UGH" here??

In my attempt to think outside the box in terms of organization and cleanliness, I came up with all sorts of groovy ideas for keeping things contained while also staying chic and unique (whoa...that rhymed and would be a killer name for a trashy beauty salon *jots down on notepad*). Some of these are pretty self-explanatory as to what you could fill them with, but if you're scratching your noggins as to what the HELL could be put inside, I'll leave some notes below....peep this, y'all!

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1 | This would look so cute filled with cotton balls or q-tips, right? Right. 
2 | Obvi you would use the handy chalk to write things like "lipliners", "eyeliners", "lipgloss", etc. instead of "forks", "knives", etc. You get the picture.
3 | This neat retro-esque divider could either be placed on its side, mounted on the wall OR facing upwards and filled with brushes, lipglosses, liners, etc.
4 | Okay, this one could be really cute. This shelf comes with little silver hooks that you can hang mugs from. If you chose a bunch of mismatched (or matched...whatever gets you goin') mugs from the hooks (make sure they're deep enough so your makeup doesn't fall out) then you could fill the mugs with lipsticks, eyeshadows, glosses, etc. Bonus! You have a fun little shelf you can put cute containers on and fill with even MORE makeup! And a cute little towel to dry your freshly washed face on would be "totes adorbs".
5 | Self explanatory. Fill with whatevs.
6 | How funky is this copper organizer? Again, fill with brushes, liners, anything slim enough to fit.
7 | I love love LOVE this artist's brush stand for makeup brushes! I mean, c'mon!! How cool would it be to have all your brushes displayed in an upright tiered stand?! And it would be super sanitary since your bristles would be facing upwards. Can you dig it?
8 | I just love these colored cups from Ikea. $2 a pop. I thought they'd be really amazing on a tiered lazy susan (such as #13). Fill with liners, cotton balls, eyeliners, mascaras, etc.
9 | This kind of "industrial kitchen" organizer would be great for brushes, liners, single shadows, and cotton products.
10 | Again, just a pretty way to display cosmetics and brushes. These are actually margarita tumblers. If all else fails, just dump out your makeup, fill with tequila and BOOM! You're well on your way to a party!
11 | This one may be one of my faves. I just love the look of this reclaimed wood organizer. It's meant to be a flatware caddy, but how cool would it look with all your makeup brushes sticking out of it? I love this.
12 | This is clearly for a drawer, but a traditional flatware organizer is a great way to keep your makeup sectioned off and tidy. 
13 | Lazy Susan! You can find these in metal, wood (my fave), mesh, porcelain, etc. They are a great way to display little cups and containers and be able to swivel it around to find what you need. Plus, the tiers offer much needed counter space.
14 | This is another really cool artist brush holder that would be perfection for makeup brushes OR lipliners, eyeliners, lipglosses, roll-on perfumes, etc.

Just in time for Spring Cleaning! Now get thee to all of your respective bathrooms and makeup vanities and get yo self or-ga-nized!


  1. Great ideas! I really really want that first box :)

    1. Isn't it gorgeous? I kind of want one for each room in my house!


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