May 15, 2014

My Out of Town Essentials | Our Mini Vacation in Leavenworth

My Out of Town Essentials

For Mother's Day this year (and my birthday, since they were 2 days apart) my husband and I packed up the baby and headed over to the East side of the mountains for a couple nights. We rented a cool little cottage with our own hot tub and full kitchen and it was walking distance from town (as well as a big, grassy field that was perfect for letting the little nugget run some energy off in).

Besides the usual "duh" items we all pack for a weekend away (clothes, toothbrush, toiletries, you get the idea) there are a few things I always make sure I have with me if I'm out of town for a few days. Here are my "can't live withouts".

1 | BB cream. It's just so easy to have my coverage, foundation, moisturizer, etc. all in one product. Less to pack.
2 | OMG. I got this little mini Amika limited edition mint blow dryer a while back through Birchbox and I just love it. It's got great power and it sure beats the hell out of using whatever crap blow dryer that they make available to you in hotels, cabins, etc.
3 | Facial cleansing wipes. I always hate worrying about getting my eye makeup all over hotel towels. I always make sure I have these with me so I can remove the majority of my makeup before I use the pristine white towels. Plus, they're just great to have handy when you're on the road.
4 | Hehehe. This is a "sanity saver" for me. I bought a box of these weird little banana flavored rice snacks for the nugget a while back while at Target because they seemed MUCH less messy than those annoying teething biscuits and he freaking LOVED them. Whenever I need to make a post office trip, grocery store trip, calm car ride, I just pop one of these little packages open, hand him his "mum mum" and he's the happiest kid on the block.
5 | Big, oversized sunnies. Because....duh.
6 | Maybelline Baby Lips! I have these stashed everywhere. The basic ones, the neon ones, the medicated ones. I just love them for weekends away because they're not fussy, they feel great on the lips and they have a very slight tint.
7 | My NARS duo in Orgasm/Laguna. Again, a 2-in-1 product that saves space. I can use the bronzer as bronzer OR as my contour and then of course, blush.
8 | I always pack a neutral sandal. They're just super easy to throw on and take off, they go with everything in my bag and they're comfy as all get out.
9 | L'Oreal Paris Voluminous mascara. Just a no-fuss mascara that doesn't run or flake all over my face in the heat. I use the one that's super dark gray (I think it's called Carbon Black). Sometimes it's hard to find but I can usually track it down at Target.
10 | I am not usually a Coach handbag gal, but I got one of these crossbody styles at the Coach outlet a few Summers ago in a very neutral color scheme and I LOVE it. It's so lightweight and easy for running around. It's small enough to be undetectable, but just large enough to fit more than just your debit card. I can get a small wallet inside along with my phone, chapstick and snacks for C.
11 | Comfy sweats. My favorite these days are the fleece sweats from the men's department of Old Navy. The ones pictured above are the same style I have but mine are blue. They are the BEST. And they have pockets.
12 | Spray sunscreen. It's the only way I can get my husband to wear it. And I spray it on C's feet because they always stick out of his stroller.

Here are a few photos from our mini-vaca! Not only did we eat a TON of German food in town, we walked down by the river, listened to Bavarian music, took C to a petting zoo (hence the llama) and did a LOT of walking! It was 80 degrees the entire time and I did not want to come home! Hope you all have a lovely Mother's Day weekend!

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