May 5, 2014

Save My "Must Have" Lists to Your Phone | Pearls at Your Fingertips

This is exciting. This is EXCITING. How many times have you read my blog (or any blog for that matter) where they list out their favorite items and a day (or week, or month) later you're thinking to yourself "WHAT was that moisturizer Colleen was babbling about?!" or you're at Sephora and all you want to do is remember what my favorite foundations were but your mind is blank and you don't have time to pull up my blog, sift through all the posts or search for keywords to get them. It's feelings won't be hurt if you want my recommendations but don't want to read all the extra "chit chat" that comes with it. Here's where things get C O O L. Let's Talk About Lipstick has collaborated with the new and (if I do say so myself) beautiful app 'Pearls' to help you "collect and organize your favorite finds to ensure that your next night out, shopping spree, weekend adventure, or dream vacation is filled with Pearls." Are you seeing where this app will be your new best friend yet??

You'll notice me above amongst some pretty heavy hitters in the "Women" category, just pretend I belong there, will ya? I'm geekin' out from seeing my lil old blog featured alongside Allure and Elle! *squealing noise* Now you can get all my lists, along with lists from whatever other categories you choose to elect as your interests (restaurants, women's health, mom & baby, etc.) I'll save you some time and just jump right into how this will work in conjunction with Let's Talk About Lipstick. Ready?? I sure hope so.
First of all, make sure you download the Pearls app for your iPhone (soon to be on Android also so patience, my beauties, patience. Good things come to those who wait). You can do so by clicking the beautiful button right here OR you will find it nestled comfortably in my blog's sidebar beneath my colorful social media attributes permanently. I'll explain the other way to grab my "lists" from each blog post below as well, just as an additional way to conveniently access my content. But first...

(pretty please with a cherry on top)
Pearls - Discover The Best in Health and Fitness, Women's Lifestyle, Dining, Travel, Activities for Kids, Beauty, Fashion, Home Decor, and More

Alright, we're almost finished, I swear! The last thing you'll notice, is every time I publish a blog post that has some type of list, you'll see this cute little button embedded into each respective post where you can save the list right to your phone! Here it is linked to my top 10 foundations...
Pearls - Discover The Best in Health and Fitness, Women's Lifestyle, Dining, Travel, Activities for Kids, Beauty, Fashion, Home Decor, and More

It's literally that easy! Go ahead and click through my blog and you'll see that little guy has been added to the majority of my posts already! Just because I'm so in love with how it all looks, here are some more photos of what you'll see once you download Pearls...

I hope you're as excited as I am for this collaboration! Such a fun and cool way to discover all different kinds of "Pearls" and have them all in one handy place!



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