June 6, 2014

Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites

It's F R I D A Y!! Is it weird for me to still get excited for Friday even though I'm a stay-at-home-mom? I mean...it's not like I get the weekend "off" or anything. But I still remember how excited I used to get for Friday when I was a working gal (and I still think people are just generally more happy on Fridays). I thought I would share with you some of the things I've been really loving lately. About half of these things I've been using or wearing every.single.day. The other few I've just recently discovered and I'm just in loooove with. 

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1 | Okay, if you don't know about Sally Hansen's "Airbrush Legs" you MUST get acquainted. I just don't know where to start with this stuff. It's not self-tanner, it's more like foundation...for your legs. It instantly adds color and conceals veins, bruises, etc. The really cool thing is it's water resistant and "transfer proof" which means it won't rub off on your clothes. I've had this stuff on my legs in HOT weather where I've been sweating like a freak and it didn't budge AT ALL. It really looks like you have nylons on. It washes off with soap and water in the shower. I don't spray mine directly onto my legs, I spray it onto the palm of my hand and use my hands to rub it in until it's well blended. I've heard of people spraying it onto their legs first and then using their hands to rub and blend it in. I've also had great luck if I put latex gloves on first and then spray it into my gloved hand and rubbed it into my legs (it spreads really easily this way). I use color "medium" and I believe it comes in 4 colors. You can also use it on arms, chest, etc.
2 | This is one cool mascara. It's a great "everyday" mascara because it doesn't give me HUGE, over the top lashes. It never ever clumps or gives me spider lashes and it's virtually impossible to get it to clump even with multiple coats. The pic above is kind of misleading because it comes with just one wand, but the pic is trying to display the fact that the brush handle twists to make the bristles go from long and skinny to a shorter fat one with just one "click". I use the long, skinny option for my bottom lashes where I mostly just want some color and definition and then I twist the top of the cap to get it to switch to the fatter bristles so I can get a bit more volume on my upper lashes. This is a perfect mascara for those who hate spider-lashes.
3 | I picked this moisturizer up kind of on a whim during my last Ulta shop and I'm SO glad I did. It's for dry skin but the texture is almost a mix between a moisturizer and a serum. It's incredibly light-weight and it sinks into my skin super fast but it isn't heavy at all. It also has great SPF which we all know I'm GaGa over.
4 | I just got back from Lake Chelan with my mom and I grabbed this new bikini at Target for the occasion. It wasn't the one I went in for, but it was so adorable and flattering on! The picture doesn't do it justice as the color in real life is like a very light (but neon) peachy coral color and the top is studded without being Ed Hardy obnoxious. Plus the top is "push up" style which is a girl's best friend after spending almost a year breast-feeding a child.
5 | I workout 5 to 6 times a week and when I'm not at the gym doing a cardio class, I'm out walking my son in his stroller. My husband bought me this heart rate monitor watch so I could track my calories burned and I freaking LOVE it! It comes with a very comfy elastic strap that you wear around your chest (it just feels like you're wearing a sports bra) and it monitors your exact heart rate so it can give you an accurate account for calories burned. It really helps me push myself as hard as I can and it's a great motivator when you're out for a run and need an extra push to keep going!
6 | I love me some China Glaze nail polish. This is just my new favorite color called "Peri-wink-le". Back when my husband and I were first dating, he took me out to dinner one night and we parked up against a curb on the street of the restaurant. When he asked me if I was too close to the shrubs and if I'd be able to get out of the car, I just looked at him, held up my foot and said "these are PERIWINKLE SUEDE!" which he very intuitively understood as him needing to pull up a bit so that I wouldn't ruin the best shoes to ever be worn. He has never forgotten how strongly I feel about the color.
7 | I live in Zella leggings. I usually get them during Anniversary Sale time at Nordstrom because I can better justify spending the money. But even if I didn't get them on sale, they really are just the best. They are super thick and stretchy and they stay up while I'm running and doing Zumba. I wash mine in the washer but then pull them out and let them air dry so they keep their shape and color. Great investment if you're looking for awesome quality leggings. The "space dye" print above is my fave and I wear them alllllll the time.
8 | We all know how I feel about this BB cream. If you don't know, read THIS.
9 | I have just about every lip product put out by YSL. This one I've been using a TON lately. Not only is the formula super sheer (almost like gloss in a stick form), but the color "Pink in Paris" is so wearable for everyday. It's pretty and natural and not obnoxiously pink. Plus, everytime I pull the tube out to use it, I feel like my lipstick is wearing jewelry, it's so pretty!
10 | One of my best friends bought me this Tory Burch rollerball fragrance for my birthday after reading my May "Lust List". She's awesome! It smells so crisp and feminine with a hint of floral. I am just obsessed with rollerballs for fragrance lately. They're around $25 a tube and they are so easy to stash in your purse without being afraid they're break or spill all over your stuff. Plus, it's a great way to experiment with different or new scents instead of being stuck with whole bottles on your vanity that go bad because you don't wear them very often.
11 | This is kind of random, but on a recent trip to Kohl's for something for the baby nugget, I thought I'd pop over to see if I could find a plain black tank top. While I was looking, I found this skirt in the olive green color and really liked the material so I decided to try it on. I'm so glad I did. I'm a big fan of pencil skirts (so flattering!) and this one is the greatest silky yet stretchy material and it's LINED! It fits like a dream and I think I'll be going back for the black and white striped one. Perfect with a tucked-in fitted tank with flat sandals during the day and heels at night!

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