June 23, 2014

How to Get Perfect Skin with Color Correcting Products

Color Correcting Beauty Products

I know you've seen them out there. Green concealers, purple primers, kaleidoscope-esque finishing powders. Most people know that green concealers and primers can counteract redness and hide pimples, but if the other colors are confusing as to what to be used for or how to mask and correct, let me break it down for you, mmmkay? I'm personally a big fan of green concealer for around my nose and mouth and yellows and pinks for under my eye area. Check out the below "skin concerns" and how to combat them!

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Bright red zit || Rosacea || Red cheeks || Redness around nose/mouth
If you didn't learn the basic color wheel in school, allow me to very simply explain that identifying the opposite color on the wheel can counteract the color or "tone" you are wanting to address. Green is the opposite of red, so it works wonders for covering obnoxious pimples, red or inflamed skin around the nose and mouth and bright red cheeks. If you have a pinkish or red tone all over, green primers (like this and this ) are a fantastic option to perfect your base before you apply foundation, other wise, use a green cream concealer for smaller areas and a green stick concealer for pimples.

Sallow Complexion
If you aren't familiar with the term "sallow", it basically means sickly and yellow looking. For example, when I'm sick with the flu or feeling nauseated, I usually get a yellowish and generally "ill" look to my skin. This is where lilac shades come into play. They can really perk up a sad skin tone. Favorites: Clinique, Smashbox, NYX Concealer in a Jar, NYX Concealer in a Stick, NYX Concealer Wand.

Lifeless, Pale Skin
Dull, lifeless skin can look very different on different skin tones. Lackluster, pale skin needs different attention than dull olive or deep complexions. If you're very pale (or porcelain) and need some "oomph", a blue undertoned primer like the Koh Gen Do primer or the Make Up For Ever HD primer in blue, can add a beautiful radiance and give a "porcelain" finish to pale complexions.

Dull, Medium to Deep Skin
If you have medium to deep skin and you feel like your complexion is dull, you'll want to go the peach route. Peach can really brighten, illuminate and combat hyper-pigmentation (sun spots, etc.) These two primers are fabulous options for you: Smashbox 'Photo Finish' Luminizing Primer and Clinique Superprimer to correct dullness in deeper skins.

Dull, Pale to Light Skin
Pink primers and pink undertoned creamy concealers can really zap dullness and add brightness to the lighter skinned ladies. I have pale skin but lean more towards "light" (as opposed to porcelain) so pink works better for me instead of the blue mentioned above. Some favorites: Koh Gen Do primer, Clinique Superprimer, Marc Jacobs Remedy Concealer Pen in "0 Bright Idea) and Make Up For Ever HD Primer in "07 Pink".

Purplish, Blueish or Plum Toned Under Eye Circles
I don't know a whole lot of women who don't suffer from this one. If you don't, then la-dee-dah for you! Just kidding, I'm actually very jealous. I typically don't notice bad circles under my peepers unless I was up too late (so....every night practically) or if I'm not feeling well. I always make sure I have some type of creamy yellow concealer on hand as it addresses a MULTITUDE of problems (I also find that I like yellow better for my red areas sometimes instead of green which can be a little too harsh when I only need a little help.) A few years ago, YSL introduced new shades into their classic Touche Eclat family that included a ".5" to the end of their existing colors. Any shade you see in this range with a ".5" after it has more of a yellow or gold undertone to it as opposed to pink or peach under tone. It was a GREAT idea on their behalf and now every skin tone is represented. A few more favorites: Clinique Superprimer, Benefit LemonAid (fabulous for eyelids and setting concealer under the eye area) and NYX Concealer in a Stick.

Universal || For All Skin Tones
Lastly, a multi-colored finishing powder or multi-colored CC cream can be used to correct multiple skin issues at once. Grab yourself a big, fluffy powder brush, swirl all the colors together and set your foundation. Other favorite multi-colored finishing powders: Stila Set & Correct Baked Powder Trio (LOVE this stuff!) and NYX Radiant Finishing Powder.

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