July 24, 2014

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Top Beauty Picks & Exclusives

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Top Beauty Picks & Exclusives

I am SO late to the party here as I've been drooling over Nordy's Anniversary items since 'Early Access' started for us cardholders back on the 10th, but I needed to give a shout out to some of my FAVE beauty exclusives that are only available during Anniversary Sale time as well as some items that are just on sale. I tried to keep my picks to 10 items so I didn't look like a wild beauty product glutton. These are the things I've either been OBSESSED with lately in my own life, or have been waiting to get my grubby mits on since I heard they would be making their Anniversary Sale debut (hellooooo, NARS trios?!) And let's not even get started on all the brightly colored Nikes I need. But I digress....

1 | Trish McEvoy is the reigning Queen of 'beauty on the go'. This "Makeup Planner" concept (aside from the insanely high-quality products) is what made her line of cosmetics such a hit. When traveling, it's all about being able to get as many different looks as possible without having to pack every single piece of makeup you own. Enter this 'Power of Makeup Planner'. You get: New Little Black Card™ for Eyes and Lips (includes 8 Eyeshadows and 8 Lip Colors), New Full-size Eye Base Essentials in Pink Bare, Full-size Instant Eye Lift, New Full-size Long-Wear Lip Liner in Barely Nude with sharpener, Makeup Wardrobing Page® that includes: Deluxe Travel-Size Bronzer in Sunlit, Dual Resort Highlight, Illuminating Cream Blush, and Deluxe Travel-Size Translucent Finishing Powder, Deluxe Travel-Size Intense Gel Eyeliner in Black, New Full-size Dramatic Lash Mascara. This is $350 worth of makeup for $168!
2 | BABYBEARSHOP 'Cheeky Baby Butter' Organic Baby Balm. Don't let all the baby talk scare you off, folks! This stuff is a GOD SEND for dry hands, elbows, cuticles and anything else that needs intense moisturizing. If you have a baby, well then, BONUS! You can slather it on their nether regions during diaper changes and then (after you've washed up) rub some of this super nutrient-rich, organic cream into your own hands! No need for an extra tube of hand cream! And we all know how precious that diaper bag real estate is in the early days!
3 | I was SO excited to see that NARS made these awesome limited edition full-size trios (lipstick, gloss and nail polish) in my two favorite NARS shades! And they come in these great keepsake boxes. How lucky can a girl get?! First fave is 'Dolce Vita' which can only be described as...like...the perfect dusty rose that literally looks good on every single person in the world. 
4 | Next up, one of my all time favorite hot pinks everrrr 'Schiap'. I'm pretty confident that every gal needs some hot pink in their lives at some point...this shocking pink is your girl.
5 | You know when you get asked "if you had to choose 1 body lotion to use for the rest of your life?" and you're sitting there, frantically wracking your brain, going through all the lotions you've ever used, panicking that you don't have an answer? Take a deep breath and answer with confidence: "Kiehl's Creme de Corps". I promise, it will be the surest bet you'll ever make. This stuff is a cult-favorite for good reason. It's SO moisturizing without being greasy, it sinks into skin very quickly without feeling like it disappeared, and you can use it everywhere. They only do the 33.8oz pump bottle a few times a year so hop on it. The whole family can use it.
6 | This Tory Burch fragrance has been my daily fragrance since I received it from my birthday in May. I'm obsessed. You get a full-sized bottle as well as a travel size for only $115. For die-hard fragrance lovers here are the notes: neroli, grapefruit, cassis, bergamot, peony, tuberose, jasmine, sambac, vetiver, sandalwood. But if that means nothing to you, just know it smells crisp and floral but still manages to smell young and chic without being obnoxious like some of the fruity scents that are out there.
7 | MAC always puts out fun little goodies during Anniversary Sale and this year was no exception. I'm loving this 'Look in a Box' (plum) palette because you can get SO many different looks out of it! Plus it includes one of my ALL TIME favorite MAC lip colors "Up the Amp" which is a killer, creamy lilac color in their 'amplified finish'. Kit includes: Eyeshadows in: Elementary Pink (satin finish), Stormy Sunset (satin finish), Lingering Dusk (frost finish), Blackboard (frost finish), Fashion Beat (luster finish), All Races (matte finish). Powder Blushes in: Style Cast (satin finish), Lesson in Love (satin finish). Lipsticks in: Dress to Impress (amplified finish), Up the Amp (amplified finish) and a Duo-handled 275SE Brush/316SE Lip Brush.
8 | I think just about every female has some memory or experience with Clinique's Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion. It's been around forever and is another one of those cult-classics. I remember stealing it from my mom when I was in junior high and I felt so grown up. It's just a no-frills moisturizer that really does wonders for the skin. Leaves you glowy without being greasy and still somehow works great with combo/oily skin as well. I love when they do the 'jumbo size' duos like this during Anniversary Sale. Killer deal.
9 | The first time I ever used Bliss products was the first time I stayed at the W Hotel in Seattle about 10 years ago. I instantly fell in love with their 'Fabulous Foaming Face Wash'. I think I grabbed about 5 little bottles of it from the housekeeping cart that was parked in the hallway (along with the 2 I already swiped from our bathroom). It's oil-free, it foams and it exfoliates but it doesn't leave your skin feeling tight. I just about fainted when I saw they were offering this "duo" that's basically a two-for-one deal. Hop on it if you need a new cleanser. This one is IDEAL for Summer.
10 | Last but certainly not least....Voluspa candle trio. In the words of Ferris Bueller "they are so choice." Seriously, if you haven't hopped onto the Voluspa candle train yet, get to steppin'. They're worth the price (the scents are magical) and they burn beautifully even and no icky black smoke. This is a great time to swoop some up and hold onto them for when you need a perfect hostess gift. You'll get invited to every single party known to man if you show up with these in hand.

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