July 31, 2014

Our Wedding Day | Celebrating 5 Years of Wedded Bliss

I'm writing this blog post on the eve of my husband's and my 5 year anniversary, but by the time all you lovelies will be reading it, it will be in fact, our anniversary (hooray for scheduled posts!) I'm not typically a sappy and sentimental person, but while I was collecting photos for this collage, I couldn't help but get a little nostalgic (no that's not a tear, I got something in my eye!) Do we have moments when we want to strangle each other? Yeah, you betcha. But for the most part, I can honestly say, that 5 years with this guy have been a breeze. A blast. And an honor. I don't know what I did right in my life to deserve someone as kind-hearted, patient and funny as he is, but I was taught not to question the good things in life, so I'm rolling with it! I can't help but to look back on this day with an incredible feeling of love and appreciation. To my husband, to all our friends and family for celebrating with us, and to my amazing parents for footing the entire bill and putting up with my crazy. It was the PERFECT day. The only thing I would change was the fact that it was 105 degrees outside which all of us Washingtonians know is straight up CRAY for our state (just our luck, right?) However, I was thankful for an air conditioned church and golf course country club for the ceremony and reception (I couldn't find the photo of me standing over an A/C vent with my dress all "poofed" out, but I promise you, it exists somewhere).

When I started my wedding planning, basically the morning after we got engaged (I'm well aware that makes me a little bit of a whack-job...whatevs...I'm at peace with it) I knew I wanted something classic and formal but with a bit of glamour and punch as well. Enter my color scheme. All I decided on was "purple and green" but this is where hiring amazingly talented wedding vendors comes in to play...what I got was the most beautiful mixture of purples, lilacs, and lavenders to go with the emeralds, mints, and kiwi greens. Everything was so lush and lively with just enough kitsch to make it fun.

That amazing vintage, mint-green Studebaker has been in our family for decades. It has a pretty meaningful story behind it, too. My grandpa on my dad's side (who passed away on my birthday when I was in the 4th grade) got the old rusty frame and completely rebuilt with my uncles and turned it into the beautiful car you see in the picture. I wish I had the "before" pic, it looked like something you'd see in a pile at a junk yard. It meant so much to me to have a part of my grandparents from my dad's side as a part of our wedding since they couldn't be there in person. My Uncle Tim, who helped my grandpa rebuild the car, drove us from the church to our reception. My Aunt Jan made the vintage-esque "Just Married" flags and sign for the back window and hung the adorable wedding bells from the rear view mirror. She could not be any cuter.

I love looking back on all the little details and remembering the significance behind them. Like our champagne flutes that we used for our toasts. My parents (who have been married for 33 years this September) found them for us in a little shop in Leavenworth which is one of our favorite places to go as a family. They were so "us" and every time we go into that little shop and see that specific stemware, it makes me think of our awesome friends and family who toasted us 5 years ago.

Or the beautiful diamond and ruby ring that belonged to my grandmother on my mom's side (who passed away when my mom was 5 months pregnant with me) was such a cool way to honor her memory since she couldn't be there either. It served as my "something old" and my "something borrowed" although it's still in my jewelry box and I still need to give it back to my mom....5 years later...*nervous laugh*

I still think we had one of the most attractive wedding parties on the planet. I mean, LOOK at all the gorgeous faces here....

It doesn't get much sexier than that! It just doesn't!

We danced to Adele's version of "Make You Feel My Love". I think the truly remarkable thing about the below photo is that is all my real hair. No extensions. *Le sigh* Oh...and that it was a very special moment, too. Obvi. We still look at each other like that by the way...but only when one of us surprises the other one with ice cream or french fries.

And my last but certainly not least favorite memory was dancing with my daddio. Our favorite movie is "Tootsie" and every time we would hear the song "It Might Be You" we'd stop what we were doing to call the other and tell them it was on the radio and that we were thinking of each other. It seemed like the perfect choice. If you haven't heard it, click the button below the photo. Then go get the movie from Netflix and thank me later for the time of your life.

Happy Anniversary to my best friend! Here's to another 5 years times ten!


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