August 14, 2014

How to Do a Beauty Detox at Home

Beauty Detox

I don't know about cha'all, but I am READY for Fall. Truth be told, I was ready on June 1st. I have never been a fan of Summer. I hate heat. I am not a fan of the sun. Humidity makes me want to kick things. I hate most Summer fashion. Did I mention I'm not a fan of the sun? I know that doesn't make me popular, but oh well. It is what it is. Once Summer starts nearing an end, the "back to school" ads start running on t.v. and school clothes catalogs start rolling in, I get a little nostalgic for that new school year prepping I did as a kid. There was something so exciting and fresh about starting a new school year. Everything is bright and shiny and new! School clothes, a new haircut, new shoes, new binders and pens and paper and notepads....ahhhh I can still smell the aisles of the office supply store!

Well, that ship has SAILED. I haven't been anticipating "back to school" for myself in longer than I care to admit. But there is one tradition I still look forward to at the end of Summer and I call it my "Beauty Detox". A time when I take a long, hard look in the mirror and assess the damage done from the sun and elements as well as the late nights and early mornings (damn you, bright orb in the sky for waking me before I'm good and ready!)

It's time to bust out those lighted magnifying mirrors, ladies! Shit is about to get R E A L. Try as I may to shellac myself in sunscreen, take good care of my nails and protect my tresses from salt water, UV rays and styling products, there is always some major damage control to be done to "shed" my body of a few months of bad decisions. Get ready to slough off some dead skin, rejuvenate those parched strands, moisturize those over-polished nail beds and hydrate that sexy bod of yours.....we're in full-on detoxification mode....and I promise, you'll thank me when we're finished. We'll start with the face and work our way around, shall we?

YSL Natural Action Exfoliator I fell in love with this stuff when I was working for YSL. There's a bit of a learning curve to it, but once you get the hang of it, you'll be obsessed. It has a thick, honey-like consistency and you apply it to dry skin. It goes from an oil-like consistency (upon contact with the skin) and changes to a milk-like consistency when it's ready to remove. You can either rinse off or tissue off if you're dry. Natural fruit acids, sugars and ultrafine oils slough off old skin cells and leave your face feeling like a baby's rear.
Boscia Luminizing Black Mask I love Boscia facial masks. And I really love a good peel-off mask. Nothing makes you feel like you're literally shedding your skin more than peeling off the thin, dried layer of mask and seeing little dry skin flakes stuck to it. The mineral rich clay draws out impurities while the antioxidants brightens and firms. 
Philosophy 'Take a Deep Breath' Energizing Oxygen Gel Cream I love love love this moisturizer. The name pretty much sums up what it does. Oil-free, detoxifying, super hydrating but still lightweight and non-greasy. It's pretty much perfect.

Fresh Seaberry Exfoliating Soap I first used this soap when I was at a fancy hotel and I was an instant fan. It's triple milled so it's extremely luxurious, but the seaberry and the exfoliating beads in it buffs away dull, dead skin. It's kind of like a loofah, a cleanser and a moisturizer all wrapped up in a convenient bar of soap. This is perfect for sloughing off all that scaly skin left over from too much sun exposure, but it won't strip you of all your moisture.
Alpha Hydrox AHA Wipes I have been a fan of the Alpha Hydrox line for years. It checks off two of my favorite product qualities: effective and affordable. I've been using their nighttime moisturizer for years and I always wake up with the nicest glow. I included these guys in the "body" category, but they could have also been included in the "face" category. I put them here because they are an incredible little secret weapon to keeping your neck and d├ęcolletage looking young and wrinkle and sun spot-free. They're wipes that are saturated in a 14% AHA solution, so here's the deal: they're pretty intense. Meaning, you're going to feel things when you use them. Namely, some tingling. You only want to use these weekly or else you are going to get irritated. If you have super sensitive skin, you can "rinse" with water (5-15 minutes after using) to "neutralize" your skin's pH. They're fabulous for lightening sun spots on the chest area. If you find they're too harsh for you, you can use them on your heels and elbows to get rid of rough patches and scaly skin!
AromaSoapLab Sore Muscle Foaming Bath Salts I do Zumba with the lovely gal that makes these. She makes the most amazing soaps and soaks and scrubs. All of her products are handmade with no animal testing, no parabens, no mineral oil, no sodium laurel sulphate and no phosphates as well as being all vegan. I am OBSESSED with her Sea Mud Tea Tree Mint Facial Scrub. I swear it looked like I used a Biore strip on my nose after I used it. It's AMAZING for unclogging your pores. Anyhoo, her bath salts removes toxins and lactic acid build up as well as relieving sore muscles. Also amazing is her Pink Sugar Olive Oil Soap and her Anise Mint Charcoal Olive Oil Soap. They rinse so clean with no residue and they smell good enough to eat (but please resist that urge).
PeterThomasRoth Mega-Rich Body Lotion Fancy packaging? No. Amazing moisturizer? YES. I am a Peter Thomas Roth fan to the fullest. Their products work. No frills, just great quality stuff here.

Bumble & bumble Sunday Shampoo I included two different shampoos in this category because this one is only meant to be used on a weekly basis (any more than that and it'll be too stripping). This stuff is GREAT for removing product residue and hard water minerals. Also a great shampoo for infrequent hair washers.
Abba Detox Shampoo  Not only is this a great shampoo for removing heavy buildup and impurities, but their Pro Quinoa Complex contains quinoa, barley and soy proteins which rescue damaged hair fibers so it won't strip the hair of its moisture.
Redken Extreme Anti-Snap Every woman should own Anti-Snap. I just can't say enough good things about it. A protein rich formula that fortifies the damaged area of hair and helps reduce breakage. Contains ceramides and fruit acids for added strength and shine. This is a MUST HAVE for dry, damaged, split ends in between trims. It's like a big, tall, glass of water for your hair. And it smells diviiiiiiiiiine.
Nature Made Fish Oil Adult Gummies Okay this one is kind of unconventional. I've always taken a fish oil supplement, and I'm sure it was doing everything it was supposed to be doing for me on the inside (heart health for the WIN!) but it wasn't until I started taking these babies in gummy form that I noticed my scalp and hairline were noticeably less itchy, dry and flaky. Seriously, it's like all my scalp issues disappeared after I started taking these. Buy them, eat them, love them.

Nails, hands and feet 
CND Solar Oil Similar to the Redken Anti-Snap, I really believe everyone should own a bottle (or three) of Solar Oil. It's not affectionately called "a manicure in a bottle" for nothin'! Seriously, this stuff is the JAM for dry, brittle, peeling nails. Got dry, hardened cuticles? Boom, this is your stuff. A handy tip (PUN!) that was given to me at a very young age by a manicurist is to massage some Solar Oil into your nails every night (even if you have polish on) and it will add elasticity to your manicure keeping it from cracking and peeling. 
Deborah Lippmann Rich Girl Hand Cream It kind of pains me a little (okay a lot) to be recommending a $28 hand lotion, BUT, in the words of my homeboy Ferris Bueller "It is so choice!" Honestly, this hand cream is like the Bentley of hand creams. If dropping 30 bones on hand lotion isn't an option for you (you're not alone) here is another favorite that is much more wallet-friendly: Neutrogena Fast Absorbing Hand Cream.
Emjoi Micro-Pedi My mom discovered this little gem while shopping at Costco one day. She brought it home, used it, and then went and bought one for me as well as my sister-in-law. It does some SERIOUS heavy lifting in the callous removing department. I'm not kidding. I hate wearing shoes and walk around barefoot most of the time, resulting in some less-than-sightly looking heels. This thing makes it look and feel like I had a professional pedicure every time I use it. You can find the replacement refill rollers on Amazon as well. After a summer of running around barefoot on the beach or pavement or your backyard, this little guy will be your best friend. Also makes a great gift idea for your girlfriends (just don't forget to include some cute bottles of nail polish to go with!)

Now that you have all your products lined up, get thee to your bathroom, lock the doors, turn on your Spotify channel of choice, and start from the top down! You can thank me later when you've removed 5 pounds of dead skin and split ends!

Also, don't forget to head over to Simply Classic to enter her contest! She's giving away an Urban Decay Naked3 palette, a Clarisonic Mia, a J. Crew gift card, a Deborah Lippmann pack of polishes, and a Jouer beauty pack! Awesome goodies!

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