August 29, 2014

The ULTIMATE Makeup Dupe Has Arrived

In the spirit of saving y'all some money, I was thinking of penning a Labor Day Sale post of all different kinds beauty deals and sales. However, any Google search will spit out the results for you. So, I figured I hadn't done a "splurge vs. steal" or "dupes" post in a while and this is a perfect time, right?! Right. So buckle up, ladies and germs. This is a good one. Some of these dupes will straight up BLOW YA HAIR BACK Pauly D style (if you don't get that reference, get thee to Netflix and prepare yourself for greatness).

I tried keeping my list to around 5 comparisons, but as I was perusing this site, I found about FOURTEEN dupes right off the top of my head. This line is a London based company and they are getting some seriously RAVE reviews around town. If you YouTube "Makeup Revolution" you can see some pretty great comparison videos as well as swatches and hauls. The pigmentation on these shadows and blushes are unreal for the price. I think I'm in love. Make sure when you visit the dupe site, that you pay attention to your currency type. If you are living in the US, you will need to adjust your currency to USD (duh) which you can do if you click on the solid gray bar towards the top of the website right underneath the categories. Shipping (for "standard world" without tracking will set you back around $13, but when you see the prices, you won't mind...I mean...highly pigmented lipsticks for under $2?!?! Yeah....I know). Their site accepts PayPal which is kind of cool for those folks who are into secure payment methods.

Here. We. Go. High end will be on top along with respective link, dupe will be below it (with its link above it's photo).




Make sure you pop over to YouTube to check out some of these reviews. As soon as I get back from Hawaii, I plan on grabbing quite a bit and I'll make sure to either do a video for you guys, or at least some swatch comparisons. This is a great way to experiment with some products that you're unsure if you'll like or not before you spend the money on the high-end version (perfect example would be the Urban Decay Electric Palette since those are some seriously intense shades). Try out the dupe version to see if it's something you can't live without and then treat yourself with the luxury line.


  1. I LOVE MAKEUP REVOLUTION!!! My Iconic palettes just arrived a few days ago and I'm loving them. They're not spot-on dupes, but pretty close to the actual UD Naked Palettes based on online swatches I have seen. Either way, they have nice colors. Their I Heart Chocolate palette is next on my purchase list as soon as they have one of those Free International Shipping weekends again. :)


    1. Hi Kissel! Thanks for stopping by and for the comment! It's great to hear the MUR palettes are pretty close dupes! As with any dupe (at least in my experience) they're never going to be "quite" as great as the original, but it's so nice to have affordable options for those who want to experiment or don't have the funds for the originals. This whole line is so intriguing to me! I hope they eventually make it over here to the US! It would give my beloved NYX a run for their money!

      I'm going to be keeping my eyes peeled for the free international shipping! Holy moly! That would be such a good time to stock up!


  2. Makeup Revolution 5 Baked Eyeshadows are also really similar to Bourjois Eye Pearls Quintet Eye Shadow.


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