October 27, 2014

Fill In Wrinkles While You Sleep | Rodan + Fields Acute Care Review

Over the weekend, I had the honor of trying out Rodan + Fields brand spankin' new product from their Redefine line of skin care products. It is called Acute Care and it is revolutionizing the way we treat and target our deep set wrinkles. Each box of Acute Care contains 10 sets (1 pair per set) and is recommended you use 1 set (2 patches) every third night for a month. These nifty little patches were clinically tested for use around the eye area, however, there have been great success stories (scroll down for video of success stories) from customers using Acute Care on other facial expression lines. I personally do not have substantial wrinkling around my eye area, so I chose to apply one patch on a pesky forehead wrinkle and the other on the deeper set smile line on the left side of my mouth. Since I only had one application to use, I wasn't expecting to see much as far as results go. Imagine my surprise when I woke up and removed the forehead patch and my annoying wrinkle was not just "lightened" but completely gone! As in, non-existent! From one use! I can just imagine what a full month's worth of these puppies can do for those who have deep set crow's feet, intense folds between the brow area and severe expression or "smile lines" around the mouth! Seriously exciting stuff!

So, how does Refine Acute Care work you might be asking? Here's an excerpt from the official press release:

"Each ACUTE CARE patch holds more than one hundred microscopic liquid cones that melt into lines and wrinkle for smoother, more youthful looking skin. When used at night, these treatment patches fit comfortably under the eye or above the lip, to quickly and painlessly smooth targeted lines and wrinkles for a naturally younger looking appearance. REDEFINE ACUTE CARE Skincare for expression lines delivers hyaluronic acid and peptides that produce visible results in the majority of users from just one use. Further benefits are seen and sustained with continued usage."

These "liquid cones" that they speak of are instantly noticeable when you apply your first patch. It almost felt like a gently velcro being pressed onto the skin. Not uncomfortable or painful at all, just an interesting sensation. You want to make sure you apply the patches to freshly cleansed and dry skin without any of your serum or moisturizer applied yet. After you've applied your Acute Care patches, then you can continue with your nightly moisturizing routine. Here's a really handy video that explains exactly how to apply:

Here's a nifty action shot of me with my Acute Care patch on my now non-existent forehead wrinkle...

You can see they are clear once applied. My husband didn't even know I had them on!

Here's what they look like before the backing is removed from the adhesive edges. I tried to get a close up so you guys could see the detail of the texture. Those little "bumps" are the microscopic liquid cones that do all magic! I was instructed not to rub back and forth once applied to my face as this can damage the cones, but rather to firmly press down on Acute Care's Liquid Cones (vertically) which will melt the line defying peptides directly into the wrinkle. When you wake up in the morning, you just gently peel the patch off and remove the residue with either a cleansing cloth, or your normal morning cleansing routine. Wait a couple days and repeat the whole process over again on the third night! So easy!

How to get your hands on Acute Care: contact Alisha either by visiting her website or emailing her directly at alisha_yoder@hotmail.com or if you have any further questions. You get a pretty sizeable discount if you sign up as a Preferred Customer. See below for pricing details.

OPEN STOCK: Available January 2015
Retail: $220
Preferred Customer: $198
Consultant: $165

Now for the results. This video was put together of customer's results from using Acute Care. Pretty impressive stuff!

What a great product to add into your 2015 New Year routine! If you are looking to make some serious changes this upcoming year, Acute Care is a perfect addition to helping you look and feel your best. What a fabulous alternative to going "under the knife" to treat the areas of your face that have always bothered you!

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