October 21, 2014

TEMPTU Airbrush Makeup | #TEMPTUDaynNight Campaign

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When I asked a number of my friends what came to mind when they heard the words "airbrush makeup", a staggering amount said things like "something I'd have a professional do for a wedding or special occasion" or "not for everyday" or "perfect for actors on TV or in movies". The next thing almost every single one said was "I've always wanted to try it!" followed by "it seems like it would be too complicated to figure out!" Well guess what....? Total bologna! I'm here to tell you, even the clumsiest of gals can look Beyonce flawless with this bad boy!

When TEMPTU reached out to me and asked me to create a "classic day" look for their #TEMPTUDaynNight campaign using their TEMPTU Signature Starter Kit, I was beyond thrilled for two reasons: 1) I have always wanted to try airbrush makeup and 2) I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to show you all just how easy it is to use airbrush makeup for everyday use! I was so stoked that I got assigned the "day look" because I wanted to prove that I could achieve my "everyday look" using airbrush makeup without getting too complicated. I was going for healthy and flawless and I wanted my skin to glow, not be covered up with tons of layers. The best part (besides looking like a porcelain doll) is that there are no brushes to mess with or clean up (so hygienic!) You get to choose each color when you build your kit which is so much nicer than getting stuck with random "one size fits all" colors that don't work for you. I was expecting to receive a big, bulky machine in the mail and I was so surprised that the entire kit was so portable and easy to pack up! The entire kit, including the AIRpods, fit into the cute, clear zip tote pictured below! Perfect for travel!

 Products used:
 TEMPTU Signature Starter Kit: 004 Sand Foundation, AIRpod Blush in Sheer Berry, AIRpod Highlighter in Champagne

Let's get started shall we? Here's how to apply! Make sure your skin is clean and moisturized. You want to hold your airbrush about a palm's distance (4-6 inches) away from your skin and work in small circular motions. Start with the areas that need more coverage, for me that's my inner cheeks, forehead, nose and chin. A little bit goes a long way so pull back and inspect your work often. You can always build up more coverage if needed.

In the same small circular motions you used for your foundation, keep your airbrush the same distance from your face and apply your AIRpod blush to the apples of your cheeks and up slightly to meet your hairline. I was worried I would apply too much so I started about 6 inches out and gradually got closer until I achieved the intensity I was going for for my day look. You'll know exactly where you're applying your makeup because you'll feel the air coming out of the airbrush. Product won't come out (just air) unless you "pull the trigger" at the top so don't be intimidated! You're in complete control. Say it: "I'M IN CONTROL". There now, feel better?

Lastly, you're going to apply your AIRpod Highlighter right along your cheekbones just slightly above where you applied your blush. I also applied a little bit down the bridge of my nose and right above the cupid's bow of my lips. I wanted to look like my skin was lit from the inside!

That's it! You're done! I completed my look with a neutral eyeshadow palette of browns and taupes, drew on a line of black liner then smudged it out on my top lid, applied a hefty dose of black mascara and a pinky-nude cream lipstick.

If that isn't flawless skin, I don't know what is. Completely un-retouched, un-filtered photos. Just good old-fashioned flash photography and very bright lighting. I mean, LOOK at this highlighter! It is making my heart skip a beat!

Here is a before & after of me with absolutely nothing on my face (left) besides moisturizer, and after (on the right) with my finished "classic day" look. Fresh, healthy, glowing and pulled-together.

I love that you see SKIN and not makeup. This is the epitome of high-def and the most extraordinary part is it felt like I didn't have a thing on my face. It felt completely naked! Perfect for foundation-phobes (you know who you are!) This is the perfect secret weapon that every gal needs in her arsenal. You can most definitely use it for everyday, and it is a MUST HAVE if you have any sort of photos being taken (weddings, prom, senior pictures, family photos). You will look absolutely flawless in every single picture. If I can make my skin look like it does in the above photo, complete with giant pores, a few zits, sun spots and redness all over, then anyone can!

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