October 24, 2014

The Yummiest Manicure on Earth | Jamberry Wraps! {GIVEAWAY}

Nail wraps! Nail art! Nail appliques! Nail design! Funky nails have really taken a step forward in the past few years. Experimenting with different textures, prints and designs has become very mainstream and now easier than ever with Jamberry! I had the pleasure of playing around with these awesome wraps today and I have to say, I'm hooked. I was a bit skeptical to the whole "oh you can get so many manicures out of one sheet!" line...but truth be told, YOU CAN! I'm not even kidding! I got an entire manicure (all 10 fingers, last time I checked) and still had a ton of wraps left over! I chose "Sugar Rush" because HELLO they were sprinkles! I mean....how could I not?! Here's what was left of my wraps after a full manicure..

It barely looks like I used any and I still have enough for another complete manicure (plus some larger ones for my big toes) or if I really wanted to stretch it, I could use them as "accent" nails and paint the remaining nails a solid color. Such a great value! I totally dig these for multiple reasons, but the biggest perk for me, being a mom of a very active toddler is there is no dry time! I should have filmed me applying these because literally halfway through my manicure, my son woke up from his nap and I had to go grab the little rascal out of his crib. That would have been soooo unfortunate had I just applied a fresh coat of polish to my digits. I got him all settled and just finished right up! Each set of wraps has the application instructions printed right on the packaging which is really helpful, but if you for some reason lose the package, you can find the instructions online. If you scroll down past the written instructions, there are a couple useful videos you can watch if you're more of a visual person.

I could go on and on about all the great things about these little wraps, but I'll let this cute little chalkboard do the talkin' for me!

And now...for quite possibly the coolest thing I've seen in the "nail art" arena in quite some time...Jamberry Nail Art Studio! The ability to design your own wraps! You can upload pictures, prints, textures, etc. from online and have them "printed" onto your nail wraps! How cool would that be for a personalized gift for a friend?! I am really obsessed with Tartan plaids right now so I just "Googled" 'tartain plaid', found one I liked, and uploaded it into the design studio and look how cute it turned out (bottom left) so cute for Winter! I also did a Google search for "twinkle lights" because...why not...and look at the other one I created (bottom right). As you can see, the possibilities are endless! You can have text printed on them as well which would be so cool for a special occasion (bridal parties, milestone birthdays, anniversaries, etc.)

After you check out the application techniques that I linked up above, here are a few super helpful tips that Jill gave me that made application a breeze and ensured my manicure would last as long as possible.

1 | Nail prep is EVERYTHING. If you don't push back your cuticles fully or use alcohol/white vinegar/acetone (this is what I used) to get the oils off your nails before applying the wraps they won't stay on for as long or go on as smoothly
2 | If you have a choice between a wrap that is a little too big or a little too small, go for the smaller one.  You'll get bubbling around the edges if the wrap is on your cuticle at all.  
3 | When you first put the wrap on your nail, be sure to smooth the wrap first down the center (from cuticle to tip) and then from the center down the sides.  That way you can avoid getting a crease at the center tip of your nail.  
4 | When removing the wraps, fight the urge to just peel them off because that will damage your nail.  If you soak them for a few seconds in acetone they come right off and won't damage your nails at all.  I've been using Jamberry nonstop for five months and I have no damage to my nails because this is the way I remove them.  

If you are interested in hosting an online Jamberry party, Jill will get you all set up and do all the work! All you have to do is invite any Facebook friends you think might be interested and she'll tell you what's next! No worrying about having people over to your house, you can do it all online! Contact Jill HERE or you can email her at jamswithjillb@gmail.com if you have any questions. It's a great way to earn free wraps!

And now for the giveaway! Enter below for a chance to win an entire sheet of wraps! One sheet will give you at least 2 manicures! Here are all the different wraps to choose from (over 300 designs!) Make sure you notice all the categories to the left so you can see just how many options there are! I think out of all the categories, my favorite is the "Graphic Punch" category. 

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  1. Sugar Rush wraps look amazing on you! So fun!

  2. I like the sister style exclusive, on the fringe!

    1. I love that one too! They look adorable on!

  3. I really love the icy pink polka dot ones...so fun!

  4. I love these. Audrey would flip to have matching nails like "Mama" and to have them be sprinkles. Is it weird these pictures made me want Rainbow Chip cupcakes?

  5. I really like Rose Gold Sparkle. Thanks for the application tips! I haven't tried these yet but they will come in handy when I do.

    1. If you're ready to try them out I've got a deal for a gift with every purchase made today or tomorrow! Check it out on my Instagram: www.instagram.com/jillsjamberrys

  6. So fun! I love the look of Crystalline


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