November 21, 2014

Aroma Soap Lab Review and GIVEAWAY!

I have a confession to make. Until recently, I looked down upon "natural" bath products. I always passed right over them because I immediately thought they'd all smell like the inside of an incense shop and would leave a weird, beeswax film on my skin. Obviously somewhere along the way I had been introduced to a sub-par bar of soap or lotion and had just grouped them all into the same category. What a buffoon I was! Luckily, I've since been shown the way.

All of Renee's soaps are:
Biodegradable : Great for camping & lake bathing!
No animal testing
No parabens
No mineral oil
No sodium laurel sulphate
No phosphates

I first met Renee, the owner/maker/designer/curator of Aroma Soap Lab in a Zumba class I walked into last February. She was immediately friendly and easy-going and she smelled SO good! But...I just met her, so I thought I'd save that stalker-like compliment for a more appropriate time (I'm still waiting, like a creeper, for my chance). I didn't learn until months later that she made her own soaps, scrubs, bath salts, lotions and shampoos. I can't remember how it came up, I think one of the other gals in class had asked her if she could get more soap. It was then that my ears perked up. I learned that Renee is a regular vendor at our amazing Farmer's Market that we are so incredibly blessed to have in our town. She has a beautiful booth (if you click here you can see some photos scrolling through of her setup at the market) where she offers her full inventory and even allows you to test out some of her incredible products!

Renee hooked me up with some serious goodies. I already knew I wanted to tell you guys about the Sea Mud Tea Tree Mint Facial Scrub ever since she gave me a sample a while back. But I also got my hands on 5 different artisan soap bars, the best smelling body scrub I've ever smelled, a hair and body moisture balm that comes in a nifty push-up style tube and a couple of her moisturizers. Basically, I was up to my eyeballs in fancy schmancy bath products. You can bet your sweet ass I locked myself in my bathroom and gingerly tested and tried each and every item she gave me over the past couple of weeks so that I could give you guys a rundown. Here goes!

First up....the Sea Mud Tea Tree Mint Facial Scrub/Mask. HOLY MOLY. Ever since I tried the little sample of this, I quickly dubbed it my "Biore Strip in scrub form". With only ONE use, this scrub pulled every ounce of gunk out of my pores on my nose, cheeks, forehead and chin. I couldn't believe how clear my pores were! You can either use this as a scrub, or you can apply it, let it sit on skin like a mask for 5 minutes, add a tiny bit of water and then massage into skin in small circular motions to remove all the gunk and dead skin cells. The mud is fabulous for removing impurities and the tea tree oil provides antibacterial properties. This scrub smells like the most delicious spearmint gum. I know that's kind of a whack description, but it's accurate. TRUST. This comes in a lovely little glass jar that can be reused for all sorts of things. See? Maybe I am more "green" than I give myself credit for!

 Pictured here is the Wild Desert Rose Olive Oil Soap. It was too pretty not to show you. Isn't this GORGEOUS???

You obviously saw the photos above of the beautiful box of 4 soaps (which is what I'm giving away to one lucky reader!) You can choose any 4 soaps from the following scents:

Wild Desert Rose, Havana Bay, Namaste Dragon's Blood, Oatmeal Milk & Honey, Sandalwood Patchouli, Cool Citrus Basil, Unscented Exzema Goat's Milk, Pink Sugar, Energy (Citrus), Wild Mountain Honey, Pomegranate, Kentish Rain, Anise Mint Charcoal, Nag Champa, Ancient Sedona, Twilight Woods, Tea Tree Mint Sea Clay, Brown Sugar & Fig, Exotic Lavender Vanilla, Coconut Lime Verbena, Cedar & Saffron, Eucalyptus Mint, and Spice Market Tea.

For my own personal 4-bar box, I chose Oatmeal Milk & Honey (smells like a delicious oatmeal cookie), Pomegranate (smells like ripe, juicy berries and oddly enough, kind of reminds me of holly berries which is perfect for the holiday season), Energy (smells like a, orange, vanilla dreamscicle), and Tea Tree Mint Sea Clay (smells like the same delicious spearmint gum I described above). All of these soaps rinsed so incredibly clean and left my skin feeling soft, supple and fresh. No residue, no dryness, no stripping. Renee also surprised me with a bonus bar of the Spice Market Tea scent which smells EXACTLY like the tea you can get at Pike Place Market. This particular scent needs to "cure" on your shelf for 3 weeks before use. But the upside is, it makes your whole room smell like Heaven!

I'm typically VERY picky about body scrubs. Even some of the scrubs I've purchased from high-end spas and department stores leave a greasy, slimy residue on the skin and also on the bathtub! YUCK! The last thing I want to do after using a body scrub is feel like I have to re-wash my skin and then immediately clean my bathtub! Talk about a relaxation killer! As I hesitantly opened this scrub, expecting the same experience, I was first caught off guard by how beautiful and clean this smelled. I chose the "Kentish Rain" scent which is cool, crisp, not too feminine, not too masculine and oddly comforting. I was then completely shocked when I rinsed it off and my skin felt like a newborn baby's with NO greasy residue! This is hands down the best body scrub I've ever used (and I've used more than I care to admit). You get a very hefty 8oz jar for only $12.50! The coolest thing is you can choose from ANY of the soap scents I listed above! So many choices!

This chunky little container is a push-pop style delivery system and contains a moisture balm that can be used on skin, dry elbows, cuticles, feet, dry knees, etc. I also love this stick for taming fly-aways and pesky little baby hairs around the hairline. I chose the Vanilla Lavender scent (very calming) but you can also choose from: Pink Sugar, Coconut Lime Verbena, or plain unscented which would be a fabulous addition for mamas of babies to tuck in the diaper bag!

Lastly, I tried two different moisturizers, a whipped shea body butter that looks like thick whipped cream (I tried the Lavender Vanilla) and the plant based hand and body lotion (I tried the Coconut Verbena). These were some of the nicest moisturizers I've ever used. I can't even describe how good the coconut verbena scent is that she does. It instantly took me back to Kauai and made me think I was relaxing on a tropical beach. The shea body butter is SO thick and applies so nicely. It was a much welcomed surprise for my dry, crackly skin on my legs and knees after shaving.

Here's the fun part! Enter to win your OWN box of 4 soaps of your choosing! All of the scent options are listed above (beneath the beautiful photo of the Wild Desert Rose soap). I will reach out to the winner and collect your shipping address as well as your 4 desired scents! You can either keep it for yourself, or this would make a perfect holiday gift for a very lucky gal (or guy!) Enter via Rafflecopter widget below and GOOD LUCK!

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  1. I have my heart set on the face mask and body scrub!

  2. Everything in this shop looks amazing! I need the Wild Mountain Honey Olive Oil Soap in my life! I love supporting local businesses too!

  3. I love home made soaps and always buy them at farmers markets! As a fellow small biz owner, I love supporting others small businesses!

  4. I just bought some of that tea tree scrub thanks to your review :) so excited for it

  5. I would love to have Eczema Shea Body Butter 4 oz jar

  6. Your review of the Sea Mud Tea Tree Mint Facial Scrub makes it my top pick.

  7. I'd love to try the tea tree mint sea clay facial scrub.

  8. I have loved every product I've tried to date! I REALLY want to try the tea tree mint sea clay facial scrub!

  9. I'd pick the Sandalwood Patchouli Olive Oil Soap and Exotic Lavender Soap!


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