May 20, 2015

Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale Picks

 It's here!! The Nordstrom Half-Yearly Sale! Now let me just say....there is a LOT of merch on sale. I really tried to keep my picks to under 20 items as not to overwhelm you, but there is SO much more I could have included. Here are items I either already own, or have had my eye on for months that are now on sale. Enjoy!

I own this cardigan wrap in about 4 colors. It's one of Nordy's top sellers which is why it's always available and there are a freak ton of color choices. It is smooth on the outside and fleecy on the inside. Cozy and warm but because it is a fly-away style, you can wear a tank underneath so you don't get too sweaty.
Was $58 Now $39.90

I blame my parents for getting me obsessed with this bag. I own it in 3 different colors and it is just the perfect tote. As a mom, I love that I can fit all sorts of baby and toddler items inside of it and it still looks streamlined and chic. It doesn't close on top, but I like that so I can easily reach in for wipes or my wallet or whatever. This is a killer price and I'm so in love with this classic 'Peanut' color! Perfect with black, navy or brown!
Was $278 Now $166.80

This style sandal had to grow on me, but now that it has, I'm in love. SO comfy, so simple, and I love this warm pink color!
Was $60 Now $40.17

Here's another item I own in just about every color. I wish I would have discovered HUE leggings during my first pregnancy. The ones pictured here are the denim style. They have plennnnnnty of stretch without losing their shape. I love that the rear looks like real jeans but the waist is an elastic waistband. If you need a size reference, I am 5'8 and 140lbs (not pregnant) and usually wear a 'Small'. Right now I am 33 weeks pregnant and I'm wearing a 'Medium'.....and my bump is not small. I just shove the waist band below the giant crest ;)
Was $40 Now $23.98

Everyone needs a good classic maxi skirt. They look perfect with a slouchy t-shirt or a fitted tank. I love that this one is long enough that it's not an "ankle biter" and the ruching on the top sides is SO flattering.
Was $48 Now $19.90

Um....basically the most perfect sunglass style. Flattering on every face shape and the color is really pretty. The price almost made me faint. Snatch these up before they're gone. They'll go quickly.
Was $120 Now $67.76

My heart has always beat rapidly for anything tortoise shell. I own this watch in rose gold and it's just lovely. I need this one though because it's so classic and it matches literally everything.
Was $225 Now $134.90

How cute is this maxi dress?? There are a few different color choices and I think I like the grey tones best, but what a flattering cut! So comfy, too!
Was $68 Now $39.90

I own these sandals in the charcoal grey color and I get about a million and seven compliments on them whenever I wear them. I got mine at Macy's and I paid full price (UGH) but I think it's a sign that there are gold ones and they are on sale here. *grabs wallet* They aren't the most comfortable sandals, but they're worth it because they're so damn cute.
Was $48.95 Now $29.37

I am SO mad I didn't wait a week to pick up this bag! I really wanted it as my hospital bag when I go have my 2nd bambino this July! Herschel makes incredible quality backpacks and duffles and this print is to die for! Now that it's under $50 I may need it to have on hand for all those weekend trips we'll be taking (fingers crossed).
Was $80 Now $47.98

This is just a perfect slouchy v-neck boyfriend sweater. Everyone needs one. End of story. 
Was $59 Now $26.55

This bag also comes in black and white and I originally had my eye on it as a diaper bag. I ended up going in a different direction, but HOW CUTE would this be as a diaper tote?! Le swoon!
Was $198 Now $118.80

I really like how this brand of jeans fits. They sell them at Macy's also, but this style is so cute on all body types (skinny, straight, curvy, plus size, etc) and the price is so incredible. They can easily be dressed up with a cute heel or wedge boot.
Was $89 Now $53.40

I. Die. Seriously. Who doesn't need a leopard print wedge espadrilles? These are even cuter in person.
Was $100 Now $59.90

Okay......let's get one thing straight. If you don't have a "Cloud Robe" as they've been so affectionately nicknamed, you NEED one. My husband got me a baby pink colored one way before we were married as a Valentine's Day gift and I STILL wear the hell out of it. They are absolutely incredible.
Was $98 Now $65.66

Another super cute maxi dress perfect for Spring and Summer. Again, this style is really flattering on all body types. Very "forgiving" without being slobby. Plus this rose color that's popping up everywhere is evvvvvvverything.
Was $58 Now $38.86

I have this t-shirt in a few colors and it fits like a dream. I recently found a pretty good knockoff at Target, but at this price, it's a better deal for the original! Again, very flattering and looks really nice in person.
Was $28 Now $9.90

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  1. Gahhh I want (need?) almost everything in your list!!!


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