September 23, 2015

Transitional Fall Makeup Tutorial

Did you read this title and go "um....what in the heck is a transitional Fall makeup tutorial, you nitwit?!" Well, hopefully you left out the name calling, but I've been called worse so let's proceed. What I mean by "transitional" is that while yes, technically today is the first day of Fall, there are a ton of people who are not quite yet ready for full on FALL makeup (i.e. deep vampy lips, plum cheeks, mocha drenched eyes) for the record, I am always ready for every and all things related to Fall. I hate Summer. I hate the heat, I hate the clothes, I hate the sweat, I hate the heat, I am not fond of the sun, I hate the heat. You catch my drift, eh?

But I always take myself ever so gingerly into a Fall makeup routine. I like to work my way in slowly since our weather here in the Pacific Northwest is usually still pretty warm and sunny in September (try as I might to drop it like it's hot for some damn rain, naw-what-I'm-sayin'?) and it doesn't truly feel like the crisp, cold Fall until October. I want to really appreciate all that Fall has to offer in the arena of makeup colors, ya feel me? That alllllllll being said, I wanted to create a look that is super wearable, but had some autumn vibes running throughout to get me through the end of the month until I can start looking all "Morticia Adams" for you guys. Get ready for some questionably dark lips come October/November/December, y'all. I'm going balls to the WALL.

We'll start with a naked face....geez, maybe I AM prepping you for Halloween after all! (Don't be scurred!) None of the following photos are filtered, just good lighting and my new Nikon D3300 so you can see as much detail as possible. Get nice and comfy with my pores, everyone. They're here to stay.

1 | Apply a medium to full coverage foundation of your choice to entire face and blend, blend, BLEND the hell out of it with a dampened Beauty Blender. (Here I used Tarte Amazonian Clay foundation).
2 | Dot on concealer with finger as shown here. Don't feel like you have to be all "Instagram worthy" with this step, that shit is just going to get blended as well so no need to turn this into an art form. Ain't no one got time for that. Or maybe you do. This is a no judgment zone. I used Maybelline Master Conceal but I've also really been digging my Tarte Creaseless Concealer for this step. It's just kind of an acquired taste as far as consistency goes (super thick) so the Maybelline is more "for the masses". Then again, blend this out with the same dampened Beauty Blender (this is where the pointed end is super helpful, especially under the eyes and around the nose and mouth).

3 | In the photo on the left, I am pointing to the color I used to contour, which you can see is the darkest shade in the palette. I used NYX Contour, Correct, Conceal palette and to keep it super simple, I just used a foundation brush to gently "paint" on the darkest color as demonstrated in step 4. This is such a great way for novices to play around with contouring because it is very difficult to get harsh lines this way. You really have to brush with intention to get your shadowing to show up, so there aren't many "OOPS" moments.
4| I left my contouring very dark and harsh here so you can see where I painted it on (we'll blend in a moment). Below the cheekbones, bordering the forehead, along the jawline, under the chin. Then you guess it....I blended it all out with a light hand using a Beauty Blender. Then I just set my nose, forehead, chin, inner cheeks and undereye area with a good setting powder.

OMG. If you guys don't know about Nonie Creme's new line Colour Prevail, allow me to introduce you.

This is a new line that is all about giving you luxury products and packaging with an affordable price tag. I was super fortunate and was sent some really gorgeous products from this line to try out and I was blown away by how well they performed. Right now you can find them at Walgreens,, and Look how pretty this packaging is! The butterfly wings! The gold! I totally dig it.

5 | This is the Bashful Beauty Multi Stick in color "Coy Coral" that can either be applied directly to your cheeks and lips, or you can do what I like to do with these kinds of sticks, and use a blush brush to swirl around on the product and then apply to the cheeks like you would a traditional blush. I love applying cream blushes this way because it gives the prettiest airbrushed look. I haven't applied it yet in step 6 because I wanted you to see my blended-out contour. I applied my multi stick right above my contour line along the apples of my cheeks and blended up into my hairline. These multi sticks are great for people like me because I can toss it in my handbag and either apply it directly to my cheeks and lips out of the tube, or I can use my fingers. And this color is soooooo dreamy! This is a KILLER dupe for Nars The Multiple in Portofino!
6 | Take a blush brush and swipe it over the multi stick until you have a nice even amount of product on your bristles. Gently swirl over your cheeks in an upward, circular motion. If you are using your multi stick as your lip color, you can either dab it on with a finger to get a pretty, subtle wash of color. Or you can apply it right from the tube to your lips for a more dramatic look. I did not use this color on my lips for this look, however. We'll get to that part!

7 | My eyes were SO simple to create. I used all MAC shadows on my eyes. Apply MAC shadow in "Twinks" to your entire lid, stopping where your eyelid creases. Apply MAC shadow in "Texture" to your crease. Using a blending brush, blend your crease color taking it just up onto your brow bone slightly. Don't be afraid to open your eye while you're blending so you can see where you're laying your color. Sometimes you need to bring it up higher than you think and that's difficult to see when your eyeball is shut. Then use a clean stiff angled brush to trace your bottom lash line with MAC shadow in "Amber Lights". Inner corners of the eyes is MAC shadow in "Phloof".
8 | After you've blended the daylight out of your shadow. Apply a thick line of black liner on your top lid only. I use Almay Liquid Eyeliner. It is my baby. I buy it in bulk. It dries truly matte. It doesn't budge. It is gentle on the eyes but is SO pigmented. It is under $10. Go buy it. Then curl your lashes and apply a hefty dose of black mascara. When in doubt....add more. And then some more. I also dropped in about 10 individual Ardell flare lashes (medium length) on each side for a little extra sass appeal. Brows are Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz in "Caramel". Just fill in with a light but steady hand, using short strokes to mimic the look of brow hairs. If you don't follow me on Instagram, I posted a before/after photo of my brows so people can see that homegirl does NOT carry these brows with me naturally.

9 & 10 | Here's another multi-tasking product for you! It's a lip liner on one end and a lip color on the other! I used Colour Prevails Lip Design Sheer Colour/Liner Duo in "Burnt Pink" (it's the top stick pictured in step 9). This is such a perfect shade for Fall, especially if you're not keen on wearing darker colors on your lips. The liner is really easy to work with and creates a nice, blended line that is impossible to make look harsh. Then you just flip the stick over and apply the sheer color! I'd describe this color as the lovechild of MAC "Spirit" and "Twig" and then sheered out just a smidge. Absolutely gorgeous and so wearable.

And there you have it! Kicked up and warmed up just a notch from those Summertime faces! Kind of makes you want to run out in your Ugg boots and puffy vest and snag yourself a Pumpkin Spice Latte, right?

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