October 11, 2015

New! Wet n Wild Fergie Velvet Matte Lip Pencils Review

Oy. Where do I start. I was SOOOO excited when I saw these at Walgreens the other night! I thought to myself....could these possibly be little cheapo dupes for my beloved NARS Velvet Mattes?! (For the record, my favorite NARS Velvet Matte shade is "Red Square".) Obviously they weren't going to be as amazing quality and pigment-wise, but I thought they might be an affordable alternative to the NARS version if anyone was curious about trying out the velvet matte lip trend. The crazy thing is, wet n wild has some of the most incredible matte lipsticks I have ever found at the drugstore. They're called MegaLast Lipsticks. Great pigment, long wearing, truly matte finish, not too drying (hey, it's cheap lipstick, what can we really expect here?!) They are so so so good and there are a TON of colors! My faves are Cherry Bomb, Spiked with Rum, Purty Persimmon, In the Flesh, and 24 Carrot Gold. For under $3 a pop, you can swoop up as many as your heart desires. Here's a shade chart for the wet n wild Mega Last Lip Colors in case you're interested.

Okay, I got a bit off topic since we're not talking about their fantastic matte lipsticks. We're talking about their new matte lip pencils. Here's where the daydream turns into a nightmare. THEY ARE NOT DUPES for NARS. These poor, sad little excuses for matte lip pencils are just disappointing. Not only is the pigment nonexistent, but they aren't even a true matte finish! They are more of a satin finish. I had to apply about 397 coats to get the color to appear, and then I had to blot with tissue to get them to appear matte...and then it took about 40% of the pigment with it. Ugh. If you're looking for a pretty good drugstore velvet matte lip pencil, go with the Revlon ColorBurst Matte Balm sticks. So much better than these little pieces of shit. I'll show you swatches of the 4 I bought below. Hang onto your seats, ladies and germs. Things are about to get u-g-l-y.

Here are the 4 I purchased. These were the shades I thought I would wear the most out of the 9-shade options. A warm orange, a deep berry, a good neutral pink and a brick shade perfect for Fall. They look so promising, right??

Here are the shade names of the 4 I nabbed.

I mean....in what world do these qualify as matte?! Look at the sheen! And look at the swatches in comparison to the packaging colors! They couldn't be further from accurate! It's not that the shades are terrible, they're not. But they are not at all indicative of what's on the outside packaging. Not only that, but when I opened 2 of the 4, they were BROKEN! The colored pencil part came flying out at me when I removed the cap! And it's not even like I was pulling the cap off like a savage! If wet n wild did a better job at getting the outside packaging colors to reflect what is really inside, AND if they marketed these accurately as what they really are, which is a satin-finish, almost sheer lip crayon, then I might be writing a totally different review.

So, to sum things up: if you want an affordable matte lip pencil, go with the Revlon ones (make sure you're not grabbing the glossy ones, they have glossy finish and matte finish available). Unfortunately there aren't a ton of shades, but you should be able to find at least one in their range that fits the bill. Other wise, if you have the pennies to get the real deal, pick up the NARS version. They are worth the money in my very humble opinion. Sometimes you just have to 'treat yo self'!

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