December 9, 2015

Hightlight & Contour Made Easy with PÜR Cosmetics Cameo Contour

So.....when did highlighting and contouring your face become such an event?! It's always funny to me as a makeup artist when the simplest things become so convoluted that they turn into this big, bad, intimidating technique that people don't think they can do at home themselves. Just like any other makeup "technique" (winged liner, false lashes, the perfectly lined lip) highlighting and contouring takes a bit of practice, but it's not as scary as you might think!

Enter PÜR Cosmetics {new} Cameo Contour Stick. I fell in love with PÜR when I discovered the BEST CC Cream I've ever used about 3 years ago. That's saying a lot. I've used them all. Anyhoo, back to the Contour Stick. This thing is like a magic wand! The coverage of the foundation end (the lighter shade) is a medium to full coverage and dries to a beautiful powder finish. The contour (deeper shade) end is PERFECTLY cool-toned which is a MUST for contouring. We're creating shadows here, and shadows are gray toned, not bronze. I'm the shade "light" but this guy also comes in medium, tan, dark, and deep.

With the exception of identical twins, no two faces (or facial structures) are exactly the same. If they were, we'd be able to create an exact road map of where to place product to achieve the perfectly chiseled mug. Instead, we have to work by guidelines. Luckily for you, this box comes with an enclosed cheat sheet, and if you lose that, there's one on the box as well!

I'm going to break this down real simple for you guys out there that have been intimidated or maybe unsuccessful at this highlighting and contouring technique. But before I do I'm going to let you in on a little secret. Are you ready? Highlighting and contouring is just adding dimension to your face. That's it. I feel like once you look at it like this, it makes the process a bit more subjective on how and where YOU place your dark and light shades. I'll elaborate...

 Before highlighting and contouring | Just looks like a big ole flat face comin' at cha! We're about to fix that.

All you're doing by contouring is shading the areas you'd like to "recede" or slim. All you're doing by highlighting is bringing forth the areas you's like to emphasize or "bring out". It's literally that simple. You may be saying to yourself "but wait, I'm still confused"...Go grab a mirror. Go ahead I'll it?

Highlighting is a bit easier so let's start there. I typically highlight the center of my lower forehead, down the bridge of my nose, the inverted triangle beneath my eyes, center of chin, and below my cheek contour.

Whoa, now! Don't get scared off! Things are just getting good!

Now look into the mirror and make a fishy face (pucker up and suck in your cheeks). Can you see that hollow area? That's where you're going to apply your darker contour shade. If you're still unsure, take your fingers and find your temple. If you kind of roll your fingers down you should be able to feel your cheekbone. We all have them! Some of us (*cough* me *cough cough*) have some seriously ample cheeks padding them making them harder to locate, but I promise they're under there! Once you've located your cheekbones you should be able to roll your fingers down again and feel it "drop off" into a hollow area. BINGO. There's your contour area. Just make sure you don't bring it down too far into your jaw area. If you do, I'll show you how to fix that before we're finished. If you have a tiny forehead, skip the forehead contouring. If you're like me and have what my husband lovingly refers to as my "fivehead", you'll want to take your contour shade around the outer perimeter close to your hairline (see photo above). Then I contour down the sides of my nose to slim it a bit, and lastly along my jaw and just under my chin.

And now we blend. Blend blend blend. Then blend some more. The PÜR Cosmetics Cameo Contour Stick that we're using comes with it's own amazing blending sponge. This is super similar to the Beauty Blender except PÜR's comes with a flattened, angled area that makes it extremely easy to press into the skin and wedge up under the eye area. I hold mine under luke warm water, squeeze out the excess, then squeeze it again into a clean, dry towel. You want it just slightly dampened and softened up. I highly advise starting with your light shade first as opposed to the darker shade. Other wise you'll end up with dark product on your sponge and your light areas won't be so light anymore. You dig? Now if you feel like you blended your dark shade too far down on your cheeks and it looks like a big, ugly mess...fret not! Just grab your Cameo Contour stick, apply the light end starting at the corner of your mouth and drawing out towards your earlobe. Carefully blend that area in an outward motion. You'll know you've blended properly when you can't see any harsh lines, but you can see the subtle shadows.

And voila! You're so multi-faceted it's ludicrous! All of a sudden you have peaks and valleys on your face that would make a third-grader's diorama project envious! No more giant, puffy face! I can actually see angles and hollows as opposed to my first picture that just looked....blah...and well, to be frank, about 5 pounds fuller. Oh hiiiii, chin! Oh hiiiiii, jaw! I knew you were in there somewhere!

Of course the fun doesn't stop there. Once you've created this beautiful, dimensional canvas, you're going to want to swirl some blush onto your cheeks, maybe a dusting of a shimmery highlighter on your cheekbones, and don't forget your lips and eyes!

A subtle difference, but one that takes you from "mall walker" to someone who doesn't have to pay for their drinks all night.

You can find the PÜR Cosmetics Cameo Contour Stick on the PÜR website, at ULTA, at Kohl's, and a few other retailers listed here. I highly suggest getting your mitts on it if you are interested in making your life a whole lot easier and your face a whole lot sexier.


  1. So, I'm a bit confused. Do you start with a clean slate (washed, moisturized, primed) OR do you apply this after your face is washed, moisturized, primed, foundation applied and then concealer? HELP!!!! You do look awesome by the way....can't wait to practice.


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