January 26, 2016

L'Oreal Paris True Match Lumi Cushion Foundation {Rose Gold Makeup Walk Through}

I've been wanting to try this new cushion foundation ever since I heard L'Oreal was going to be coming out with one. There's nothing new about the concept, cushion foundations have been out for a while (if you want to see a high-end version of this one, check out Lancome Miracle Cushion or even Sulwhasoo Perfecting Cushion), but I have been a fan of L'Oreal's True Match Super Blendable and True Match Lumi Healthy Luminous foundations for years, so I was really excited to see what they'd come up with for this new formula/delivery system. If you want my super simple opinion: I freaking LOVE it. I got my shade spot on the first time around (years of trial and error) and the formula is truly impressive. I will be re-buying when I'm done with this one. I also used the beautiful rose gold packaging as inspiration to create an extremely simple rose gold eye and lip for you! When I say simple, I mean it. I mixed 2 shadows together for my entire lid and crease and brought it down into my lower lash line, skipped liner all together, and popped 2 coats of mascara on! I'll leave the specifics below! And for something totally fun and fresh, I created this lip color just for this look! Read on to see what unconventional product I used to create my peachy, rose gold lips.

Super cute packaging! If you're unsure whether you're "cool", "neutral", or "warm" in this line, just remember this:
Warm - has a slight golden or yellowish undertone to the foundation
Cool - has a slight blueish pink undertone to the foundation
Neutral - you guessed it! A little of both. I have both pink and yellow undertones to my skin so the "neutral" range works beautifully on me. I'm color "N2 Classic Ivory".

Upon opening, you'll see a cute little round sponge with a L'Oreal Paris ribbon across it for you to slip your fingers through for application. Don't. Not only will you not get the best application, but after the first use it just isn't sanitary anymore. I will never advocate using dirty applicators anywhere on your face even if it was you that used it before. Blech. There's just no need when we have plenty of other tools to use. I used my Beauty Blender. That's really my only piece of criticism of this foundation.

Pop that out and flip open the white plastic cover, and you'll find the sanitary seal. Peel that on back to unleash the beast....

Looks kind of like something you'd find in an art supply store or maybe growing under the sea....let's go with art supply store for aesthetics shall we?

I just had to touch it. I'm one of those tactile nerds. I can't help myself. It's strangely satisfying. It's plush and squishy, kind of like if you were sponge painting and decided to touch the wet paint on the sponge, only it's not quite as thick (which was a very pleasant surprise). The color is SO GOOD! I was so stoked to see a truly neutral ivory!

Here I gently patted it onto the back of my hand so that you guys could see the finish. It's beautiful. Slight sheen without being too dewy.

Here's a totally unretouched, unfiltered (GASP!) close up of just the foundation applied to my skin with no primer. This is both artificial and natural lighting with no flash. I used my slightly dampened Beauty Blender to apply.

And here is the same lighting as above, but obviously with the flash on. Just so you guys can see how it performs on camera without a bunch of other makeup clouding your view. Please don't look at my lack of eyebrows for too long, or you may turn to stone.

I really wanted to leave my skin as free from other complexion products as possible so I used the lightest dusting of pressed HD powder on my t-zone, and a bit of NARS Orgasm on my cheeks. I didn't even use concealer! I just used the pointy end of my Beauty Blender dipped back into the L'Oreal cushion foundation and applied a second layer wherever I needed some extra coverage (under eyes, around nose, and chin). They mean it when they say this is buildable coverage. Don't let the liquidy consistency fool you, this can really be built up to get fabulous coverage, but I just could not get this to look thick and cakey which is a GOOD thing!

And now for the eyes and lips! I made you a handy little visual to show you exactly which pans of color I used from my Morphe 35O palette using lime green circles and arrows (below)! They look a bit lighter here in this image, but I used a basic eyeshadow brush and swirled the two colors together and applied all over my lid and ever so slightly into my crease. I used the same brush to bring that same color across the bottom lash line and into the corners of my eyes. I skipped liner all together, curled my lashes, and then applied two coats of Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara to top and bottom lashes.

For this beautiful iridescent, peachy rose gold lip, I lined my lips with NYX Retractable Lip Liner in "Pinky Beige" and used it to fill in my lips. Then I used Tarte LipSurgence Lip Creme in "Pristine" (which is limited edition) but you could also use color "Empowered" or any warm, apricot-like pink. Now comes the fun part: remember that color we blended for our eyes? I just used my ring finger, and verrrrrry lightly swirled the same two shades together, and then lightly dabbed it on my lips over the lip cream. It created the PERFECT rose gold pout and the shimmer from the eye shadow gave the prettiest velvet-like texture! I'm going to do this all the time now with this palette to create custom lip colors and finishes! So much fun! It's like a pink velvet lip! Great for Valentine's Day. And there you have it! A whole face totally inspired from the lid of a foundation!


  1. I just bought this!!! Can't wait to try it, great review!

  2. I tried the foundation and wasn't too thrilled about it. I'll give it another try since everyone is saying it's sooo good!!

  3. I have porcelain skin tone on every makeup there is. What shade is good for me?


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