February 3, 2016

Maybelline Dream Velvet Soft Matte Hydrating Foundation Review

Gah! I am so much later in posting my thoughts on this foundation than I said I would. Apologies. I'll keep this relatively short as I have a bunch of things to get up on the blog for you guys.

Maybelline Dream Velvet Soft Matte Hydrating Foundation. It's funny, I was trying to think of the words to describe the consistency of this foundation. Then I flipped it over and read the back and was like "YES! Whipped gel! That's it!" It wasn't as airy as a mousse (which I liked...those tend to get dry on my skin) but it was somehow both much thicker than a cream foundation, but not heavy either. Immediately I could tell this would lay nicely on the skin and kind of "fill in" pores and wrinkles.

You can see how thick it is on my hand here. Almost like whipped buttercream. 

Here's my only bit of criticism: this stuff runs DARK. I picked up shade 15 Ivory and you can see how much darker it is on my skin. I could have stood to go at least a shade lighter. Keep that in mind when shopping for your color. 

I was really impressed with how smooth it came across on my hand and the coverage was truly a medium to full. I'm not sure I would say this is a true matte finish, but the satin to matte finish it left was really lovely. Very natural looking. It looked like....skin! 

Here's another shot of just how dark this color was on my hand in natural light. It actually became even darker on my skin as it oxidized and warmed up. 

All in all I actually really like the finish and coverage of the Maybelline Dream Velvet. I'd say in terms of consistency and finish, it's the polar opposite of the L'Oreal True Match Lumi Cushion that I just tried (which had a thin consistency, dewy finish, still great coverage) but I knew that going in. This foundation gave me that smooth, porcelain doll finish that photographs incredible! I did set just under my eyes, and my t-zone, everywhere else I was able to leave as is. I would definitely re-purchase this one, however, next time I'll be sure to go a shade or two lighter. This will be a fabulous option come Spring when I've (hopefully) got a bit more color, or in the very least, a believable faux tan! Have you guys tried this yet? What are your thoughts? Did you find your regular shade ran a bit dark, too?

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