April 13, 2016

The Body Shop Shade Adjusting Drops

Hi guys! I'm back! I feel like every time I log a post I'm apologizing for my absence.....whoops. Turns out life is a bit crazy with two kiddos. Moms of multiple kids: my hat is off to you. Hell, moms of ONE kid, my hat is off to you! Truth be told, I've been in a bit of a blogging slump lately and have not felt the urge to hop online. That is not for lack of material because trust me, I've been loving a LOT of new things lately (and been a bit disappointed with some things as well) but more so that I've just been procrastinating and lazy when it comes to sharing my finds. Let's just say that after a long day of "Mom-ing" and then working out, I just want to shower and plop my arse on the sofa with the Mister, eat Skinny Pop and binge-watch Fixer Upper. Embarrassing disclosure number 1: I follow Skinny Pop on Instagram and it looks like they are adding a Jalapeno flavor and a Dusted Dark Chocolate flavor!! EEEEP! #Gimme. Embarrassing disclosure number 2: I may or may not have a crush on Chip Gaines. There I said it. 

Whew! Look who got all long-winded! Apparently I need another adult to vent to because my 3 year old just isn't interested in my excuses *enter nervous chuckle* but I digress....

I got the cutest little package the other day from my friends over at The Body Shop. Seriously, look how cute this is! I love when brands take the time to make a pretty presentation! I'm going to let you know what I thought about these babies for their intended use, and then how I used them in a more unconventional way. Keep reading to find out...

Upon opening, I found two pretty glass bottles, one light, one dark, with dropper-like caps on top. Imagine my delight when I read that they are their new Shade Adjusting Drops! If you read my blog, you know I am a huge fan of this concept and I spoke a bit about the CoverFX Custom Cover Drops in this post here. Where these ones differ is, they are solely for adjusting color, not coverage level, so they're a bit more straight forward. I love the idea of being able to adjust my foundation shade instead of having 528 different colors of foundations on hand (even though I do have 528 bottles of foundation on hand but that's neither here nor there). Such a great thing to be able to do between seasons because if you're anything like me, homegirl is PASTY in the winter and has a nice, healthy glow in the spring and summer.

Here's what else I loved about these drops. The lightening shade not only lightens up foundations that are a bit too dark, but they also neutralize yellowness without adding pink tones. How cool is that?! There is the slightest iridescence if you look at the drops on their own, but not so much that they make your foundation shimmery or dewy. The darkening drops are the perrrrrfect neutral/cool tone base so they amazingly deepen your too-light foundation without turning you into an Oompa Loompa. Each bottle is pretty good size and contains .5 fl oz which doesn't sound like much but is a ton of product seeing as you only need to apply these drop by drop. They retail for $20 a bottle which may seem steep, but remember, they will last you a long time and will save you on having to replace your foundation frequently which can get uber expensive.

Here's how to use them:

Step 1: Shake product well before use
Step 2: Apply your “almost there” foundation shade to the back of your hand
Step 3: Apply one drop of your chosen Shade Adjusting Drops to the foundation on the back of your hand and blend together.
Step 4: Test the color
Step 5: Apply the mix on your face as usual for a natural make-up look 

Up above I mentioned using these drops for something a bit more unconventional that adjusting my foundation. I just love products that can work for multiple things. After playing around with these a bit, I wanted to see if I could use them as liquid highlighting and contouring products. Short answer: YES. In fact, the profile shot at the top of this post gives you a good idea of how lovely they performed to highlight and contour. I will say this: this method is NOT for those just beginning to dabble in highlighting and contouring. If that is you, stick with powders until you feel you've gotten the hang of it. The darkening drops are HIGHLY pigmented (which is a good thing) but if you are a novice (which there is absolutely nothing wrong with!) then you will get overwhelmed and make a mistake. I'm willing to bet my 31 years of life on it. The lightening drops are a bit easier to work with for this method. If you've been using creams and liquids to contour and highlight with. It's very important to work section by section on your face as you have to work quickly with this and you don't want it to dry before you've had a chance to work it into your skin.

I'm going to put the following in all caps because this is such an important "rule" that everyone needs to know: NEVER APPLY A LIQUID PRODUCT OVER A POWDER. IF YOU ALREADY APPLIED YOUR FOUNDATION AND THEN SET IT WITH A LOOSE OR PRESSED POWDER, DO NOT USE THESE TO HIGHLIGHT AND CONTOUR WITH. Just proceed with your powder highlight and contour products. If you haven't yet set your foundation, you are more than welcome to proceed with the following steps. 

Step 1: Shake product well before use
Step 2: Apply a few drops of the darkening drops to the back of your hand
Step 3: I used my Sigma 3DHD brush to apply the drops around my upper forehead right by my hairline, then I used a clean Sigma F55 brush to buff into my skin in the same manner I would use a powder contouring product
Step 4: Using that same Sigma 3DHD brush, trace a very slim line down each side of nose and blend out with a clean, dampened Beauty Blender (I find that when blending my nose contour, I am able to get much more control with a Beauty Blender as opposed to a brush)
Step 5: Use the Sigma 3DHD brush to draw a very thin line directly beneath each cheekbone
Step 6: I used my Sigma F55 brush to blend and buff my cheekbone contour. You can also use the pointier end of a clean, damp Beauty Blender if that's your jam
Step 7: Continue anywhere else you'd apply powder or cream contour. I chose my jawline and blended with my dampened Beauty Blender
Step 8: Set everything with your setting powder of choice

Since highlighting was a bit more user-friendly, I just used my finger to "dot" the tiniest amount of the lightening drops down the bridge of my nose, along my upper cheekbones, the center of my forehead, and the center of my chin. Then I just blended it with a different (and clean) duo fibre brush. Make sure you don't use the same brush or sponge that you used for contouring!

It sounds way more complicated than it was. Just use common sense and apply the darkening drops sparingly as they go a long way. If you use too much, your face will look dirty or "muddy" and it's hard to bounce back from that. There is no such thing as "Pig Pen Chic". Trust me, I checked.

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