May 25, 2016

My Current "Everyday" Routine

I'm chuckling to myself as I'm writing this post because one might read the title and think that I put makeup on everyday and look like I do on the right. *Sigh* I'd say I pull my shit together and slap on makeup a solid 4 out of 7 days a week. Maybe 3. In my defense, I am smack dab in the middle of potty training a toddler, and have an almost 11 month old who is hellbent on walking. Homegirl is EXHAUSTED.

Anyhoo. I met a girlfriend for dinner last night, and even though she is amazing and wouldn't give a rat's ass if I showed up looking like the pale, bewildered beast on the left, I decided to clean myself up. I realized as I was putting my makeup on, that I definitely have a "routine" these days when I need to get ready quickly. I mean, granted, it's not one of those BS "get ready in 3 minutes flat!" routines, but I find myself grabbing for the same trusty items each time that I know will get me out the door looking polished and pulled together in a respectable amount of time. I do still love to primp and doddle for special occasions, maybe I'll do a "special occasion makeup" post for y'all soon here. But until then, here's life surrounding my face these days....

Moisturizers | I've been OBSESSED with this line called Scalisi Skincare lately. It was developed by a Wall Street Banker who survived cancer and developed this "wound healing technology" line. It has completely changed my skin. Right now I'm just using two of their products, the daytime moisturizer and the nighttime moisturizer. I love them so much that I will be buying the cleanser and eye cream next. If you sign up for newsletters on their site, you'll receive $10 off.

Primer | Meh....primer is hit or miss for me. Sometimes I feel like I need it, sometimes I don't. When I do wear it, I usually use NARS Pro Prime Oil Free Pore Refining Primer. Drugstore option: Maybelline Master Prime Blur + Smooth Primer.

Foundation | I am a foundation junkie. It's actually embarrassing how many I own. But depending on how much coverage I want for everyday, I find myself reaching for either It Cosmetics CC+ Cream (in Fair) or L'Oreal Infallible Pro Matte Foundation (I mix colors 101 + 102 for my perfect shade). I am wearing the L'Oreal foundation in the above photo. Applied with a damp Beauty Blender.

Concealer | I've been on a major Urban Decay Naked Skin Weightless Complete Coverage Concealer kick lately. It never leaves my side. I use the lightest shade "Fair Neutral" under my eyes and "Light Warm" anywhere else I need concealer. I'm wearing the lighter shade mentioned above.

Setting Powder | I just picked this No7 Perfect Light Loose Powder up after reading great things about it being an affordable dupe for my beloved Laura Mercier Setting Powder and I must say I am damn impressed. I don't know if it is quite as perfect as the Laura Mercier powder, but holy's verrrry good. And under $15! Again, I'm wearing it in the above photo.

Contour Kit | Ugh...I have a love/hate relationship with this contour powder. I love the color of the contour. It is truly cool toned, no warmth. I hate the fact that they put shimmer in it. It's very slight, very slight. But if you're looking for an affordable cool toned contour powder, try the NYX Pro Palette, bottom row, 2nd shade from the left. I use it as well. Only reason I used the L'Oreal one above is it was closer to me and I didn't have shimmer anywhere else on my face so I went for it.

Blush | Again, I change blushes like I change my mind, but the one I grab 90% of the time is NARS Orgasm. The other two in my regular rotation are Milani Baked Blush in "Luminoso" (warm pink) and "Dolce Pink" (cool pink).

Highlighter | Always BECCA. Moonstone is my shade.

Brows | Always Anastasia Beverly Hills. Always. I use a combo of her Brow Powder Duo and her Brow Wiz pencil. Both in shade "Caramel". I have yet to find a shade that matches my hair so perfectly. And trust me, I've tried almost all of them.

Eyeshadow | I usually just grab what's close, but I find I do the same "type" of eye for everyday which is a warm shade in my crease and transition area (my favorite is MAC in "Texture") and some type of pinky nude on my lid (fave is MAC in "Malt", "Orb", or "Era").

Eyeliner | I've always used Almay Liquid Liner because the formula is fantastic, it's affordable, and dries totally matte (and it's still an everyday fave) but in the above photo, I'm wearing Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes liner.

Mascara | My drugstore "ride or die" lately is CoverGirl The Super Sizer mascara in "Very Black" because it is the only drugstore mascara that doesn't transfer onto my oily brow bones or end up under my eyes and I can STILL make it crazy dramatic. And I don't even think about using mascara without first using my Tweezerman lash curler.

Lips | Again....this changes with each mood and outfit, but in the above photo, I'm wearing YSL lip liner in "017 Rose" and then I filled in my entire top and bottom lip with it. Then I applied Nivea Kiss of Care and Color Sheer in color "Berry" over the top. I am soooooo obsessed with these balms lately. They were buy 1, get 1 free the other day at Rite Aid so you bet your sweet ass I bought them all!

There you have it! Let me know if you have any questions! I've been toying with the idea of doing some "get ready with me" Periscopes but *long drawn out ugh* I don't know if I have the energy....stay tuned on that....


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